Blender and Juicer Comparison




VitaMix  – Price range $449 and up

Classic Blenders: C-Series – $449.00

This blender steps up to your recipe repertoire with a can-do attitude that chops, creams, blends, grinds, churns, makes hot soup & more. From a 64-ounce family-sized blending container to ultra-responsive controls to a quiet motor, this elegantly designed countertop chef makes more!

  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Includes full-color hardbound Create cookbook & a tutorial DVD hosted by Chef Michael Voltaggio
  • Chops, creams, blends, heats, grinds, churns & more
  • Add a drop of dish soap & warm water, then run on high for 30 seconds for self-cleaning
  • BPA-free Eastman Tritan® co-polyester container is spill-proof with a vented lid & plug for safely adding ingredients while blending
  • Laser-cut stainless steel hammermill & cutting blades measure 4″ in diameter for a consistent blend
  • Tamper with collar prevents tool from hitting blades
  • Soft-grip ergonomic handle
  • 2-peak HP motor
  • Measures 17.4″ in height with container in place so it can be conveniently stored under a kitchen cabinet
  • 7-year warranty

Next Generation Blenders: G-Series – $639.00

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 offers five pre-programmed settings, including a self-cleaning option. The ultra-responsive Variable Speed Dial and Pulse feature allow you to precisely chop and mix ingredients to your exact specifications, making this blender the ultimate sous chef for your home kitchen.

Five pre-programmed settings ensure simple cleaning, walk-away convenience, and consistent results for smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and purée recipes.

Newly designed 64-ounce container is perfect for family meals and entertaining, while fitting comfortably under most kitchen cabinets.


Your machine is designed and built for outstanding performance and unsurpassed durability. When purchasing a Vitamix, you’ll enjoy:

  • Easy-to-use equipment paired with extreme versatility
  • The ability to chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, churn, and more with a single machine
  • Quick and easy self-cleaning with a drop of dish soap and warm water; just run on High for 30 seconds
  • 7-year full warranty
  • Ongoing recipe ideas and community support

Blendtec – Price Range $279 and up

The Blendtec Total Blender is also popular. It has a 1560 Watt motor, supposedly the most powerful home product on the market. It has a futuristic electronic display with no knobs or dials. It includes a 64-ounce jar along with a book of over 100 recipes. Blendtec also now offers a full 7 year warranty for the Total Blender, the same as Vitamix. The Blendtec has an under-counter height of 15.5 inches vs 20.5 for the Vitamix, which may be useful to people who have specific counter-top height requirements.

One of the key differences between this blender and the Vitamix is that it can’t always handle frozen and whole uncut fruits. It’s just pure physics, without a way to push the food into the blade it won’t always blend. If you love the sleek digital display and look of this machine and don’t plan to use much frozen or uncut material then you would probably be very happy with this blender.

Ninja Blender Model NJ600 $139.99

When life picks a different pace, go with it! High power, professional capability introduces effortlessness into your routine, so you can conquer every day with nutrient-packed smoothies, delicious beverages and endless meals made easy. A quick-clean sleek design with a 72-ounce dishwasher-safe pitcher becomes the cornerstone of your kitchen with three speeds and a convenient pulse function. 1-year limited warranty. 

  • Imported
  • BPA-free carafe with lock-in lid with pour spout
  • Electronic control panel
  • Cord storage to keep counters clean
  • Sturdy, no-slip base
  • Ninja blades
  • 1,000 watts
  • Measures 17.25″ x 6″ x 8.46″
  • Request warranty information

Note: If you have young children, the Ninja has several blades. Supervision is recommended.  


NutriBullet 600 Series Model NBR-1201 $99.99 and up

The picture of good health. Using innovative extractor technology, which combines a 600-watt motor with an incredibly sharp & precise blade system, this blender-, juicer- and processor-in-one cuts through thick skins, stubborn nuts, tough stems and other nutrient-rich foods to pack your drinks and juices with the natural vitamins your body craves. 1-year warranty. 
  • Imported
  • Maximizes hidden nutrition within all the foods we eat!
  • Includes tall cup, high-torque power base, user manual/cookbook, short cup with handheld comfort lip ring, flat blade, pocket nutritionist, short cup with handle and comfort lip ring, emulsifying blade and 2 stay-fresh resealable lids
  • Measures 12.87″ x 9″ x 13″

Nutribullet 900 Series Model NB9-1501  $129.99 and up

If you want to make smoothies, juices, and raw desserts, this is perfect for your kitchen. This super-powered blender offers even more room to mix & make your favorite concoctions. Including everything from a 32-oz. colossal cup to two 24-oz. tall cups to stay-fresh resealable lids to two extractor blades & more, this NutriBullet rethinks the way you prep & create meals. 

  • Imported
  • 15-piece set includes:
  • 2 extractor blades
  • 32-oz. colossal cup
  • (2) 24-oz. tall cups
  • 18-oz. short cup
  • Flip-top to-go lid
  • 2 lip rings (1 handled & 1 non-handled)
  • 2 stay-fresh resealable lids
  • User manual/cookbook
  • Pocket nutritionist
  • Life-Changing Recipes book
  • 900-watt motor base
  • 25,000 RPM
  • Measures 3.98″ x 7.87″ x 16.14″
  • 1-year limited warranty

NutriBullet 1700-Watt Blender  $324.99

Eat smart. Built with innovative technology & a powerful motor, this hardworking tool extracts even more nutrients from you food, so everything you make is full of the good stuff. Whip up a cup for yourself or treat the entire family to something tasty—from heated soups to chilly beverages to go—with the interchangeable cups. Model N171001.
  • Imported
  • Includes 42-oz. handled colossal cup, 24-oz. handled short cup, 1-liter soup-making handled cup, pitcher lid, comfort lip ring, stay-fresh resealable lid, blade-opening tool, extractor blade & hardcover “Natures Prescription for Optimum Health”
  • 2.3 horsepower motor & 1700-watt power base
  • Extracts even more nutrients out of your foods
  • Smart Technology automatically creates nutritious drinks & heated soups or sauces
  • Creates both single servings & family-sized servings
  • Measures 15.16″ x 15.6″ x 13.11″


Centrifugal Juicers

These juicers extract juice by pulverizing fruit and vegetables against a round cutting blade that spins very quickly against a metal strainer.  The centrifugal force generated by the spinning motion of the cutting surface separates the juice from the pulp.


Breville Juice Fountain Plus Model JE98XL – $149.99

Breville Juice Fountain Plus. Drink to your health. Get into the world of juicing with this no-nonsense dual-speed juice fountain. Easy, lightning-quick operation and simple clean-up.

Enjoy fresh juice in seconds — just choose a fruit and drop it in this powerful, commercial quality extractor. The extra wide feed tube accommodates whole fruits like apples and pears — there’s no need to pre-cut any ingredients — and two speed settings adjust for everything from carrots to delicate berries for optimum results. 

  • Imported
  • 1 liter juice pitcher with froth separator
  • Overload protection
  • 5 liter pulp container
  • Precision-formed Italian micro mesh filter
  • Measures 14″ x 16.5″ x 12.5″
  • Request warranty information

Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers work slower than centrifugal juicers.


Omega Juicer Model VRT350R. – $379.99

Get fresh. Amp up the way you eat & drink with this masticating juicer that mixes the efficiency & precision of a 80 RPM motor with the convenience of a compact vertical design. Working at high speeds, this juicer prevents the oxidation and degradation of fruits & veggies for even healthier results that are enzyme and nutrient rich. 

  • Imported
  • Oversized spout easily fills glasses without splashes or spills
  • 80 RPM extracts the maximum amount of nutrients & enzymes
  • Measures 7″ x 8.5″ x 15.5″
  • 10-year warranty

Omega Model 8004 – $259.99

Juicing at just 80 RPM, this powerful pro minimizes heat build-up and oxidation, which means your juice is even healthier with a higher enzyme count and a richer, fuller flavor. Enjoy more than just juicing, too, as this tool can turn nuts into butter, extrude pasta, grind coffee, mince garlic and so much more. 15-year warranty.

  • Imported
  • Great for making baby food and whipping up soy milk in a flash, too!
  • Continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection
  • Exclusive dual-stage masticating extraction with a high juice yield and very dry pulp
  • Powerful commercial motor, low rotation speed and even less foaming than double gear juicers
  • Engineered for quieter operation and longer life
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Measures 6 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ x 15 1/2″

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