Pure Burger Review

Everyone loves burgers!  Have you tried this tasty, healthy alternative?  If not, you need to swing by the Pure Burger in Carlsbad, California.

Pure Burger’s ingredients are pure, organic, and fresh. Choose from grass fed beef, chicken, veggie/cheese burger, or vegan burger.  Add your own toppings i.e. lettuce, tomato,  pickle, onion, avocado, etc.  Top your burger off with a sauce.  I love their balsamic mustard sauce.

Pure Burger’s meat is fresh, not frozen, and ground each morning.  Their beef is grass-fed and free-range. Their chicken is natural.

Their French fries are gluten free, cut fresh, and cooked in non-GMO rice bran oil. Tip: order their fully loaded fries!  My kids and I shared an order.

Pure Burger Vegan

I ordered a vegan, gluten-free burger made with assorted vegetables and brown rice.

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