My Thyroid Story

Here is a story that I haven’t shared with anyone. A few years ago while my husband and I were on a plane traveling back from our vacation to Florida, I had a major panic attack that I ending up being taken to the emergency room at an Irvine hospital. Besides the usual tests, they asked me if I had any thyroid issues. I told them that I was not aware of any issues. They ran tests and mentioned that it I was on the border of hypothyroidism. They recommended that I do a follow up with my primary care physician. She advised that I have hypothyroidism and suggested that I take synthroid. Being a health coach, I researched an alternative, holistic approach to synthroid. Every Google search I did, I came across Young Living’s Thyromin. I ordered it and found that it worked. I also use Endoflex Essential Oil. Last year when I did not take it, I found my thyroid to be on the border again. The reason why women have thyroid issues is because they do not get sufficient iodine in their diet. Kelp is a good source. Because table salt is refined and most women add sea salt to their dishes, they do not get iodine. Some seafood have iodine. Anyway , that is my thyroid story. I hope my story helps some one else.

EndoFlex                Thyromin

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