Highlights from the Women’s Wellness Conference

David Wolfe, Rebecca Gauthier, and team always put on an amazing conference!  The speakers were phenomenal. Conference speakers included David Wolfe, Robyn O’Brien, Dr. Alan Christianson, Dr. David Villarreal, Nadine Artemis, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Caroline Myss, Vani Hari, Dr. Pedram Shojai, and Marianne Williamson.

Highlights from David Wolfe

David Wolfe is a Health/Nutrition/Beauty expert & bestselling author. He spoke several times throughout the weekend to share his most recent research in the areas of cleansing & detoxification, immunological function & strength, self-care, and beauty.  He also shared some awesome superfood recipes!

Highlights from Robyn O’Brien’s Talk on Rethinking our Food

Robyn O’Brien is called “food’s Erin Brockovich” by the New York Times and Bloomberg. Robyn is the creator of the Allergy Kids Foundation, author and health lecturer. She shared her message about having the courage to stand up and change injustices brought into your life and awareness.

Topics covered: The real truths of why we all need to eat organic foods and work towards building a better food system, creating and cultivating the courage to realize we can’t change the beginning of our stories, but we can change the end, speaking our truth can be challenging and sometimes painful, but stepping into it can cause real and lasting change on more than just a personal level.


1 in 17 children has food allergies

Are we allergic to food or are we allergic to what has been done to it?

1 in 3 kids has allergies – Generation Rx.  They have autism, ADHD, and asthma.

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in American children.

What is the Economic Impact of Disease Management

Are we sicker than other countries?

18 cents of every dollar is spent on healthcare

$9,000 per person per year is spent on healthcare.  By the end of the year $10,000 per person will be spent on healthcare.

According to the World Health Organization, the US ranks 47 in health care system.

1 in 8 women has cancer that is non-genetic. Cancer is contributed to environmental factors.

Highlights from Dr. Alan Christianson’s Talk on Adrenal Health

Dr. Alan Christianson is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor specializing in natural endocrinology and creator of The Adrenal Reset Diet.  Dr. Alan Christianson spoke about the thyroid as key to better hair, weight, and energy.

Topics covered: Thyroid disease and the hidden side of menopause, how women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond should care for and feed their thyroid through food, and preventing thyroid suppression and learning the bigger picture of how the thyroid fits in the creation of overall body health and longevity.


Highlights from Dr. David Villarreal, DDS

David Villarreal, DDS is a Hal Huggins-trained Biological & Cosmetic Dentist and founder of his own line of natural tooth care products.  Dr. Villarreal discussed whether your dentist is doing more harm than good when it comes to the dental procedures being recommended for your mouth and how they correlate to your long-term health.

Topics discussed: Learning the compelling research that demonstrates the link between breast cancer and root canals, hearing about the fatal flaws in modern dental practices that open the door to infections and a compromised immune system, and discovering how the food you eat is the single biggest factor for healthy teeth and gu 

What’s in your mouth? What are common restorations and what do they contain?

Highlights from Nadine Artemis’ Talk on Beauty

Nadine Artemis is an aromacologist and visionary for renegade beauty and dental health, Living Libations. Nadine discussed the importance of the microbiome, the role it plays in making radiant skin and healthy bodies, and the many things we do in the name of beauty that disrupts the microbiome’s equilibrium.

Points covered: Exploring the wild life of beautiful skin and be introduced to your microscopic team of beauty experts, a simple, three step, anti-aging protocol to provide lasting beauty: Stop, Seal, and Seed, and how to successfully fight wrinkles and other protocols to address acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, eczema and wrinkles.


No makeup is 100% pure

When a product is labelled natural, 30% is not natural

When a product is labelled organic, 70% is organic.

Highlights from Dr. Sara Gottfried

Dr. Sara Gottfried is a Harvard-trained Integrative Physician and New York and a New York Times bestselling author.  Dr. Sara Gottfried revealed the three lies women tell themselves about why they can’t have the body they want and the three revelations that change it all.

Dr. Sara covered the sneaky ways that environmental toxins may be holding you back from the body, health, and mind that you most want, how to upgrade your detoxification and get back home in your body again, and why food and exercise is only part of the equation when it comes to stubborn fat loss and accelerated aging, and the most common cognitive distortions that women unwittingly use to limit their health and wellness.

Highlights from Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.

Caroline Myss discussed the essential wisdom for healing, cutting through the myths and hype about healing to learn why some people heal while other people don’t, organic food is only part of the healing puzzle; discovering the other pieces that are critical to creating long-term health, and the importance of having both a spiritual life and spiritual path.

Highlights from Vani Hari’s Talk

Vani Hari is a revolutionary food activist and author of, “The Food Babe Way’” Her book covers the importance of eating nourishing, organic foods at every meal while supporting companies that have the highest ethical standards. Vani spoke on how to take back your health.  She mentioned eight habits that we need to add into our lifestyle.

The Eight Habits

  1. Have a morning ritual: drink warm lemon water and cayenne pepper.  This detoxes naturally, improves digestion, and can help prevent illness.  This also helps change cravings that happen throughout the day.  Drinking lemon water also jump starts your liver!
  2. Fast Every Day – Our bodies need a break from eating to clear out dead or dying cells as well as regenerate new cells.  It is the function of our youth since aging occurs when more cells die than are being produced. It can help with sleep.
  3. Drink Green every day. Greens hold the most concentrated nutrition of any food.  It protects against cancer and heart disease.  It helps keep you thin and fit!
  4. Don’t drink with your meals.  Drinking liquids with your meals dilute the digestive enzymes and stomach acids which makes it harder for your body to break down food. Chew your food so it becomes liquid.
  5. Eat raw at every meal. Eat unadulterated food without chemical additives.  Eating raw contains a large amount of nutrients and live or living enzymes that aid in digestion.  Raw helps defend against harmful bacteria.  Make 50 percent of every meal raw.
  6. Eliminate refined sugar.  Refined sugar is dead food.  Add in nutritious sweeteners such as fruit, coconut palm sugar, raw honey, organic maple syrup, dates and dried fruit.
  7. Bring your own food. Bring your own food with you and pack healthy snacks such as salads, fruit, avocados, sandwich wraps, nuts, seeds, etc.  Use freezer packs for your cooler and bring empty plastic bags to fill with with ice to keep food cold if you are traveling.  Bring ginger tea – it is anti-inflammatory.
  8. Change where you shop.  Resist your temptation to buy non-organic foods filled with additives.  Shop at healthy food stores.  Keep in account the dirty dozen.

Vani also spoke about the following: Why eating organic matters and how it can change the food industry – we can vote with our dollars, how to avoid diet pitfalls and know which way of eating is best for you, how you can stay within TSA guidelines and still eat organic, GMO free foods while traveling, and dealing with haters to keep up the confidence in what you are doing for your health and healing journey.

Highlights from Dr. Pedram Shojai

Dr. Pedram Shoja is the founder of Well.Org and one of the most influential people in health and green media. Dr. Shojai discussed everyday spirituality and the importance of finding time in your day to nourish your soul. Topics covered: The challenges of modern life and daily hacks that can help you make better food choices and get more sleep, how to establish positive self-talk, schedule your day in a way that allows you time for yourself, and find your true path here and now, discovering the essence of meditation and how to use it to scan your mind for negative memes, embed positive ones, and drop into your heart space.

Highlights from Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, and thought leader. Marianne discussed the modern woman’s longing to honor both the Athena and Aphrodite goddesses within to ultimately succeed at the hero’s journey of balancing work and love.  She shared about receiving the blessing of love and making peace with yourself to blend your worldly and romantic desires harmoniously and synergistically, seek and find a more enlightened, holistic feminism within yourself to honor, cultivate, and converge the woman, goddess, and lover within, and align masculine and feminine, power and vulnerability, within the sacred temple of your heart allowing these selves to coexist in one harmonious space.

In summary, it was the best weekend ever!  I was sad to see it come to an end.  I love being with my community and together WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD! And creating a ripple effect!

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