Review of The Pizza Press

Pizza Press

As my husband and I were walking to the theater to see a movie in Carlsbad, we passed by the Pizza Press. After the movie, we decided to give The Pizza Press a try. The Pizza Press was brand new at the time. We love pizza and have gone to other “pick your own topping” places like Blaze and Pieology.  I love The Pizza Press!  At first we were not too impressed with their service because it took a long time to get through the line.  What they do is have one employee make two pizzas at the same time.  First, he or she starts by getting a ball of dough and rolling a press on the dough.  Then they top your pizza with a sauce of your choosing, fresh toppings that your want, and then the pizza goes through a hot conveyor oven that brings out the natural flavors of their ingredients.

The Pizza Press uses high-quality and locally grown ingredients. They have trademark thin crusts topped with fresh, tasty toppings! Gluten-free crusts and vegan cheese are optional depending on your dietary needs.

I like that The Pizza Press crusts are not burnt like Pieology and Blaze.  Maybe this just happens when gluten-free crust is ordered – their crusts are pretty flat that they taste like a chip.

Visit The Pizza Press website at to learn more about their awesome pizzas, craft beers, and to find a location near you!





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