How Eliminating Junk Food Boosts Your Body

What if I told you that the food you’re eating could be taking years off of your life? Those potato chips and pop tarts in your pantry and the soda in your fridge are just a couple of examples of the junk food that has consumed our diets nowadays. Junk food really isn’t food. In fact, it’s filled with unnatural sugars and processed to the max. What if I told you that clean eating doesn’t have to be boring? Making the transition from a junk food filled diet to a clean eating lifestyle is big, but not impossible! With a little dedication and a push in the right direction, you, too, can be on your way to a healthier you, short-term and long-term!

Eating junk food such as boxed mac-n-cheese, freezer meals, and to-go pizza, is detrimental to your overall health, especially your metabolism. By eliminating junk food and consuming whole and real foods, you are supplying your body with the glucose needed to turn your food into energy!

By eliminating junk food, you are lowering your risk of developing high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and diabetes. Consuming junk food causes your arteries to narrow leading to high blood pressure and heart problems in the future! That soda and side of fries are not worth it!

Clean eating eliminates bloat! That’s right! That midday bloat that makes you feel like you ate way more than you should have is caused by high-fat foods. Inflammation of the gut is a problem many people face today due to the accessibility of junk food at fast-food chains and the time constraints placed on our day-to-day schedules. After eating unhealthy and high-fat foods, the bacteria in your gut multiplies, creating a disconnect between the gut-to-brain link that signals when you should stop eating. That’s why its so easy to finish a super size fry and soda. By eating clean, your body is getting the right amount of nutrients in the appropriate portions that will add years to your life, not take years away!

Studies have shown that clean eating is a major contributor to living longer. Unprocessed foods are brain foods. Put the chips down and enjoy some cucumber sticks with homemade hummus! Perhaps you’d enjoy a fruit salad for breakfast instead of a bagel! After all, the benefits of clean eating outweigh the convenience of having junk food at your fingertips! With just a little prepping, your clean eating foods can be just as easily accessible. Get healthier and eliminate the toxins you are putting into your body. Say goodbye to junk food and hello to renewed skin, more energy, and a longer life! You deserve it!




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