5 Reasons To Hydrate Your Body

Ever feel fatigued, dehydrated, dizzy, or quenched for thirst? You are most likely dehydrated. By not consuming enough water, you are speeding up the aging process and drying out your skin. Your organs are working overtime drawing liquid from other sources such as your blood, cell fluid, and urine. If your body is dehydrated, you are essentially starving your organs and impacting your physical and emotional strength. Read on for the top 5 reasons to ensure your body is hydrated!

  1. You’ll improve your strength and focus! Staying hydrated ensures you’t suffer. You will perform at your highest level if you nourish your body and stay hydrated. If you’re struggling with consuming at least 64 ounces of water per day, try adding some fresh sliced fruit to your water. Strawberries and lemons are delicious additions! Or just cucumbers to your water!
  2. You’ll love the skin you’re in! Drinking the daily required amount of water per day will aid in the rejuvenation of your skin cells. Dead skin and wrinkles are usually signs of dehydration, especially over a prolonged period. Drink your daily water requirement and look in the mirror! You’ll love the change you see!
  3. You’ll help with overeating! If you are constantly feeling hungry, you might be suffering from dehydration. Water acts as a suppressant to your appetite and a glass of water before your meals will help you with portion control and overeating! Give it a shot!
  4. Digesting your food will no longer be a problem. Have you ever dealt with constipation? Well, you might just be dehydrated. Cut down on bloat and ensure you are consuming enough water. One of the primary causes of constipation is water deprivation in the bowels. Avoid that altogether and get your 2 liters of water in per day!
  5. Stay hydrated for your heart health! Your life relies on your heart. Your heart works in conjunction with your organs to pump blood through your body and vessels and assists in delivering nutrients to the organs that need it. If you’re well hydrated, your heart does not have to work overtime. Heart health and hydration is important to avoid heat stroke, heart attacks, numbness, and dizziness/fainting!



The average adult needs to consume around 2 liters of water every day. That’s over 64 ounces of water per day. It might seem like a lot but flavoring your water will help combat any “boredom” that might occur with plain drinking water.

Helpful tip: A water filtration system is wondrous if you are struggling with purchasing bottled water weekly and maintaining a supply of exceptionally filtered drinking water. You can leave your filtration system at home and drink directly from it! The key to consuming enough water is ensuring clean water is easily accessible. If your water is accessible with ease, you are more likely to consume the appropriate daily

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