5 Ways To Cleanse Your Home And Declutter

Before Spring ends, it’s a good idea to look for ways to cleanse, declutter, and eliminate the junk from your daily life. Homes are one of the first places where our emotional clutter comes to life! Nothing is more rewarding than a clean and clutter-free home.  It  is good feng shui! After all, a clean and happy home is a decluttered and joyful soul!

1. Zone your home! For example, declutter the living room on Monday, the kitchen and dining room on Tuesday, the master bedroom on Wednesday, and bathrooms on Thursday. This will eliminate the opportunity to clean sporadically and will ensure you’re focused and detailed on specific rooms throughout the week.

2. Have three bins available to sort items you go through during the week. The first bin will be for things you want to keep but need to find a place for, the second, things you would like to donate, and lastly, things you want to throw away. This system helps keep extra items from being shoved into drawers and gives everything a place!

3. Set a time per day for decluttering. This will keep you focused and feeling accomplished once your time is up and the room is clean!

4. When decluttering, hold the item you are looking to put away or get rid of and ask yourself the question, “Does this bring me joy”. If the answer is no, place it in the trash bin or donate bin. If the answer is yes, add it to your bin of items you need to find a place for.

5. Collect papers whether they are bills, reminders, receipts or cards and shred the documents with private information. Be sure to recycle your paper goods! Only keep documents and paperwork that are important and organize them in a file folder.

Decluttering your home will bring peace to your life! Follow these 5 steps and you’re on your way to a clean, stress-free and decluttered living space!

In health and happiness,






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