8 Ways to be Mindful at Work

How often do you take time off work because you aren’t feeling well? A recent study of American workers found that, even though more companies are offering corporate wellness programs, disengagement at the office costs in the U.S. are $550 billion each year.  Work-related stress adds an additional $300 billion.  However, there are new studies showing corporations are implementing strategies that improve employees’ wellbeing and productivity.

Here are eight (8) ways to be mindful at work.

  1. Do a five-minute favor for someone. Volunteer to help another employee.  This helps you get away from your desk and help and interact with someone.
  2. Hide your phone by putting it in your desk drawer.  Even if you aren’t using it, when you look at your phone, it hinders your ability to focus on your work tasks.
  3. Take a break before lunch. Taking a break mid-morning is an opportunity to clear your mind.  It will help break up your morning and helps with feelings of overwhelm.
  4. Let yourself procrastinate. It is okay to procrastinate once in a while.
  5. Get up from your desk and take a 10-minute walk.
  6. Talk to your coworkers.  It is a good idea to socialize with your coworkers.  It allows you to take a break from your tasks.
  7. Do a 5-minute meditation or deep breathing exercise.  This allows you to relax and clear your mind.
  8. When you are ready to end your day, do it. If you work longer than you are mentally able to, you won’t be as productive.


By implementing these eight (8) ways to be mindful at work, you will find that you’ll be less stressed and more productive.  This is a general rule of thumb in being productive: After 90 minutes of working on a task, take a break.

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