Cancer: My Friend’s Story

One of my childhood friends lost her mother a couple years ago to cancer.  We all know someone who had or has cancer.  As a way to honor her mother and to help those with this disease, she created a company, Zzinia, to pay tribute to all whose lives have been affected by cancer.

A cancer diagnosis is an overwhelming experience and my friend’s experience as a primary caregiver for her mother who ultimately lost her life to liver cancer, challenged her in many ways. The journey with her mother gave her a deeper understanding of unconditional love, patience, the fragility of life, and the importance of living each day to its fullest and happiest.

More about Zzinia

zzinia black

The company creates smell-proof bags. The smell-proof bags are carbon lined with double closure. These bags are perfect for dry herbs, CBD oils, and essential oils. It keeps strong odors in even in warm weather.

zzinia daisies

Visit Amazon to check out the bags here. 10% of the proceeds goes to cancer research.


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