He left his Ice cream Empire to start a Food Revolution

He went from being the person who could inherit the Baskin-Robbins empire from this father to becoming a bestselling author whose writing has inspired millions of people worldwide to take charge of their health.

He and his son, also a bestselling author, lead an annual, online summit where their goal is to give people simple, actionable steps toward health…

I’m speaking about John Robbins and his son Ocean!!

The 8th annual Food Revolution Summit is coming up, and it’ll have interviews – conducted by John himself (he is a great interviewer) – with 24 of the world’s leading food and health experts.

Check out the list of speakers here

The Robbins’ mission is to help people, like you and me, harness the power of food to improve our health and the health of future generations… it may just change your life!

Sign up for this online event now, at no cost!

When you sign up to watch the Food Revolution Summit, you’ll join over 300,000 people worldwide to get informed, inspired, and empowered to increase your energy and improve your health.

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To your health,


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