An MD’s Thoughts on Covid and Masks

This is a message from a post by one of my colleagues.



This Doctor is a mainstream medical doctor, whom I know well.

She is a very intelligent, caring and informed doctor.

She hasn’t always agreed with me on my stance regarding certain medical views.

This is why when she sent me this letter she wrote, I knew it was stunning.

It’s one thing to have activists share this info, and then, it’s another to have a very well trained, presently working with over 2,000 patients in real time to say what she is saying.

Here is her letter….

I am asked every day about my thoughts on covid and masks. Here are some facts and recommendations.

Covid is not expelled into the environment from breathing through your mouth or nose.
It’s most commonly spread through coughing or sneezing.
However, if someone is speaking forcibly, they could spew virus out of their mouth in the form of tiny droplets – like spittle.
Coronavirus particles are 0.1 microns – small enough to pass though masks.

Even N-95s are not completely effective. But they do stop droplets.

If someone is sick, coughing or sneezing they should wear a mask or ideally, just stay home.

Wearing masks often increases the number of times a person touches their face as they repeatedly adjust their masks.

Masks, if worn, should be replaced after each use as they do accumulate pathogens, especially larger ones like bacteria, coming out of your mouth. Tightly fitted masks cause rebreathing of one’s own carbon dioxide which can cause an increase in carbon dioxide levels. Most people tolerate this fine, but some may experience symptoms after prolonged use including fatigue, light headedness and headache.

I do not recommend that masks be worn outside when social distancing or exercising. It may not be good for your health and covid 19 dies after only a couple of minutes of sun exposure.
However, if you like to strike up conversations with people in close proximity, then you may want to carry a mask.

If you are high risk and want to protect yourself with a mask, you will have to cover your nose and mouth and realize that cloth masks and surgical masks are only partially effective as virus particles can go through and around your mask. N-95s, (if you can find one) are more effective but should be fitted by a professional for best efficacy.

If you are healthy and wearing a mask for the sole purpose of trying to protect others around you, I recommend socially distancing and losing the mask. If you are in close distance or speaking, then you can alternatively cover your mouth and leave your nose exposed.

Final point, we (including our children in school) will be asked to wear masks for months and I would expect until the end of next flu season. Additionally the social distancing request and sterilization of surfaces could be standard for an even longer period of time. Our world is filled with microbials. It’s the job of our immune system to defend our bodies – and it does an excellent job.
Living in a sterile community will decrease the effectiveness of our immune systems and put us at risk of not only covid -19 but the thousands of other germs we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Our world has dealt with new viruses and other microbes since the beginning of time and developing herd immunity is how we have survived. Yes, it’s commonly survival of the fittest, so if you’re not “fit” (poor diet, obesity, sedentary life style, stress, diabetes, poor sleep) then now is the time to make a change.

If you are at risk, please protect yourself with social distancing, masks, and proper hand hygiene and change what you can to improve your health and immune system. 1 of 2 things will happen in the next year – we will develop a vaccine (I give this a less than 50% chance due to the instability of the virus)or our society develops herd immunity.

Those are the only 2 options that will protect our at risk and elderly population long term. Herd immunity is typically achieved when 70% or greater of a population has been exposed and develops antibodies against the virus. The virus can’t easily pass from person to person any longer and it dies out. If there is no vaccine, then the younger and healthy population develop the immunity to protect the old, sick or at risk.

Personally, I exercise daily, sleep 8 hours, and take a probiotic and super green supplements. I eat a healthy diet that is low in sugar and processed foods and buy mostly organic. I do my best not to stress over what I can’t control and I choose faith and hope over fear.

There is an excellent podcast run by Tony Robbins. It’s lengthy at over 2.5 hours, but well worth your time to get educated about this virus. It’s non-partisan and interviews world renowned experts in medicine and epidemiology.
I highly recommend it, as unfortunately, I do not have time to individually educate my patients.
You can access the video at Scroll down to podcasts and select “Covid-19 Facts from the Frontline” dated May 19th. Learning about the facts of this virus from the experts rather than through the sensationalized media will calm anxiety and help us all get back to a feeling of normalcy.

All the best,
Kelly Fordyce MD

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