Question Everything (Most Important Blog Post You Read Today)

You probably have heard of the Food Babe but in case you haven’t, she first came on the scene as a delegate at a Democratic National Convention. You may remember a young woman holding a sign that read, “Label GMOs!” She convinced the Subway to remove one of their ingredients in their sandwiches and she has written to several other companies including Kraft Chick-Fil-A, and Panera Bread about their ingredients.

I had the opportunity to meet the Food Babe, Vani Hari, at a Green Festival here in Southern California and hear her speak at a couple Women’s Wellness Conferences.

This is an excerpt of an email I received from her that I want to share with you.

I’ve always been very inquisitive. Perhaps this has something to do with how I was raised or all those years I spent on the debate team in school, but my intense desire to research and find the truth has not left me. I learned a long time ago that things are not always how they seem on the surface and that it is important to question everything.

As I uncovered in my best-selling book, Feeding You Lies, corporations can pay for favorable media coverage – they can get reporters to suggest organic food isn’t worth the money, or GMOs are safe or even create character assassinations on activists like me. (And if you haven’t read this book, the eBook version is only $1.99 this week)

If your pockets are deep enough, you can get basically anything you want in the “News”.

An investigative report was recently published in Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), which exposes how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funnelled more than $250 million into news agencies such as the NY Times, BBC, NBC, NPR, The Guardian, Univision, The Financial Times, The Atlantic, and many more.

You may know that Gates has a long history of investing millions into chemical companies too – like Monsanto (he bought 500,000 shares of the company) and widely promotes the development of GMO crops throughout the world even though the chemicals in Roundup that are sprayed on GMO crops are cancerous.

apples 2

The CJR report outlines how some Gates-funded news outlets have gone on to write “glowing editorials” about Gates and his many projects. Fact-check platforms PolitiFact and USA Today also received funding from Gates and defended him from “conspiracy theories” circulating online. And it goes much deeper than this.

At some point you’ve got to wonder, am I reading “the news” or a paid PR piece?

This really hit home…

The food and chemical industries have used paid messengers in the media for decades to swindle the public into believing processed foods full of GMOs, artificial colors, and other chemical additives (like Kellogg’s new Unicorn Waffles) are safe, fun, and good for you. When you sell food that makes people sick, it turns out you have to spend a lot of time and money trying to convince people it’s not your fault.

GMO sign

I’ve personally been attacked and slandered in the media countless times, only later to uncover that the “expert sources” quoted in these stories were bankrolled by the very food and chemical companies that I was fighting against.

I tell these stories in Feeding You Lies and share much more about how the media is being manipulated by the very people we thought we could trust. I’m sharing this with you again now, because it’s more important than ever that we pay close attention to what we are being told and who we can trust.

If you know anyone needs to hear this, please forward this email to them and please have them join this email list here. Let’s all keep asking questions and being inquisitive about everything that affects our health and the health of our children.



Love and Light,


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