This is an eye opener!

I’m sharing this information from the Food Babe.

If there was one thing that opened up her eyes to how corrupt the food industry is… it’s how big food companies, like McDonald’s, Pepsico, and Heinz reformulate their products with safer ingredients to sell in other countries. 

McDonald’s french fries without dimethylsiloxane, Mountain Dew without artificial colors, and Heinz Ketchup without high fructose corn syrup are all provided to our friends overseas, while they continue to sell dramatically inferior versions here in America. 

It’s unethical and the hypocrisy needs to stop.

If a company can make safer products without these chemicals for other people, why won’t they do this for their own American citizens?

She recently shared a NEW LIST with 10 more examples of food companies selling safer, less toxic versions of their products in other countries. Swipe left on Instagram to see them all here. 

It’s an eye-opener. Please share this post with your friends! 

To your health and happiness,


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