10 Signs Your Lymphatic System is Clogged

Do you feel like your mind is foggy? Do you feel congested? These are some signs your lymph system is backing up and needs to be unclogged (drained). First, let’s talk about what the lymphatic system is.

What Is The Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary lymph organs are  the spleen, thymus, tonsils, and adenoids. The lymph nodes filter out bacteria and toxic waste where lymphocytes (white blood cells) attack the bacteria.

The Primary Key To A Healthy Lymphatic System

A clogged lymphatic system is the result of toxins that accumulate in the body over time from poor diet and lifestyle. Much like a trash can that has not been emptied for years, the toxins eventually over flow. Safely eliminating this toxic build up from the body with a comprehensive detox is the most important key to a healthy lymphatic system.

How The Lymph Works

We can use the analogy that the lymphatic system is like a sewer system of a bunch of tiny toilets all over the body that need to be flushed. Just like a toilet needs to be flushed, your lymphatic system needs to flushed. It’s like a pump. Being sedentary is terrible for lymph.

Now that you have that lovely image in your mind of backed up toilets, just imagine what happens in your body if your lymph backs up! Terrible mess that’s what. Because when the lymph backs up, your blood becomes toxic and makes you very sick.

10 Signs You Need To Cleanse Your Lymphatic System

  1. Swelling in hands, feet, and ankles (but not limited to)
  2. Arthritis
  3. Water retention
  4. Muscle and joint stiffness especially when you first wake up
  5. Digestive disorders
  6. Skin conditions
  7. Sore throat
  8. Auto-immune disorders (fibromyalgia, MS, etc)
  9. Cellulite
  10. Sinus infections

20 Ways To Drain/Cleanse Your Lymphatic System

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Diet
    If you want to get healthy, you will need to load up on anti-inflammatory foods, and eliminate foods that trigger inflammation. The more nutrient dense your diet is, and the fewer chemicals and toxins in your body, the healthier your lymphatic system will be. Reference: Dr. Andrew Weil

  2. Cleanse you digestive system
    Poor digestion along with inflammation, is at the root of all disease. Undigested food accumulates in the digestive system over time, leading to clogged organs and lymph stagnation. Even just one day of not having a healthy bowel movement will can make you sick. I cannot stress enough how critical it is to cleanse your digestive system (and liver flush) 3-4 times a year with a comprehensive detox.

3. Avoid pharmaceutical drugs
Prescription drugs damage the lymphatic system. Always talk your doctor before going off any medication.

4. Add Herbal Supplements
Herbal supplements can be very powerful. Used in conjunction with an anti-inflammatory diet and comprehensive detox, herbs can take healing to the next level. Ginger root, turmeric root would be some, safe herbs to start with. These herbs will improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote lymph drainage.

  1. Deep breathing stimulates lymph
    This is critical for pulling toxic waste out because the rib cage is the lymphatic pump. Try Dr. Weil’s 4-7-8 Breathing Technique.

  2. Exercise
    Walking is one of the best ways to drain the lymph. It’s great for the joints, adrenal glands, and is like a pump for the lymphatic system. In the colder winter months it can be a challenge to get outside. Rebounding is another excellent way to drain the lymph without having to go outside or do strenuous exercise.
  1. Rebounding
    In the colder winter months it can be a challenge to get outside. Rebounding is one of the easiest ways to pump the lymph. It’s simply jumping on a mini trampoline. This passively moves the lymph while stimulating the circulation of blood throughout the body. Numerous studies have proven its efficacy, and have even shown it to improve muscle tone. Just be sure you get a high quality rebounder. Cheap rebounders can be hard on the joints and causes headaches.

  2. Stay well hydrated
    Drinking water is crucial. But it’s just as important that you drink clean re-mineralized water (not tap water).

  3. Increase potassium intake
    Sodium draws nutrients into the cell, while potassium pulls toxins out of the cells. There is no potassium supplement that can replace a diet high in potassium rich foods such as bananas and potatoes. A comprehensive detox program will be high in potassium rich foods and nutrient dense supplements that flood the body with nutrients at the cellular level, and draw the toxic waste and excess water out of the cells.

  4. Hydrotherapy
    Hot cold shower alternation seven times – contracts and relaxes  and moves blood which de-congests lymph.

  5. Lymph drainage massage
    There are massage therapists that specialize in lymph drainage. This along with a detox diet can really set you up for a healthy lymphatic system.

  6. Raw apple cider vinegar
    Raw apple cider vinegar detoxifies lymph and supports immune system.

  7. Limit animal protein and gluten (which is a protein)
    Lymph does not drain well in an acidic environment. Too many acidic forming foods are mucus forming, and too much acid waste can damage kidneys.  When toxins are not eliminated they have to store somewhere including the skin.

  8. Sweat
    Skin is often referred to as the third kidney. Sweating reduces the toxic load on lymph system.

  9. Lemons (citrus)
    Citrus fruits are astringents and cause contraction within lymphatic vessels and nodes helping detoxify.

  10. Dry skin brushing
    Skin brushing cleans dead cells off skin and moves lymph.
  1. Choose organic fruits and veggies
    Non organic produce is loaded with chemicals that will clog the lymphatic system. It may not be realistic to buy all organic. But I recommend checking out the “clean 15 and dirty dozen” on google to determine which fruits and veggies have the most and least chemical herbicides and pesticides on them.
  1. Do not use antiperspirants
    Anti-perspirants are very toxic and harmful to the lymphatic system. Look for natural alternatives. And keep in mind, if your diet and lymphatic system are clean, your body will not put off a strong odor.

  2. Wear loose clothing
    Tight fitting clothing restricts blood flow and jams up the lymph.

  3. Negative emotions are toxic and acidic
    Stress and negative emotions clogs lymph – spend time in prayer, forgive, and manage stress.

Ultimately if you want to cleanse your lymph and get healthy, you have to change your diet, AND learn how to assist your body in eliminating the toxic waste. The best way to start cleansing your lymph is a comprehensive detox. Changing your diet is crucial, but learning how to safely eliminate the waste is just as important.

Speaking of detoxing, Fall is the perfect season to do a detox. Join my Revitalize Your Body Fall Detox Program at an introductory investment of $47!

Love and Light,


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