It’s that time again: 10th Annual Food Revolution Summit

Happy Monday!
It’s that time of year again…Time for the Food Revolution Summit! The summit is April 24 to May 2.

This free annual event, hosted by John and Ocean Robbins, features a phenomenal lineup of plant-based medical doctors and holistic nutrition experts including:

Dr. Michael Greger
Dr. Neal Barnard
Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Dean Ornish
Dr. Kristi Funk
Dr. Joel Kahn
Dr. William Li
Dr. Brooke Goldner
and many more of my favorite health and wellness leaders.

These are some of the top doctors we should be listening to. You will learn so much about health, nutrition, and healing from these amazing experts that your head will explode… in a good way!

Since I first listened in on the summit in 2013, I look forward to the Food Revolution Summit every year and I can say with absolute certainty that you do not want to miss this event. Tune in free online and learn how to eat for optimal health and for disease prevention and reversal, and learn how we can work together to improve the health of those around us and change our food system for the better.

By the way, John Robbins is the son of Robbins of the Baskin-Robbins ice cream empire!

Register here for free access to the 2021 Food Revolution Summit and get your free immunity guide here.

To your life and health!

#FoodRevolutionSummit2021 #wellness

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