Self Growth Tip of the Week: Setting goals that really matter!



🌟 Sometimes mastering a goal has less to do with the goal itself and more to do with how you’re approaching it. 

You already know what “SMART” goals are – but let’s refresh since this is the biggest goal-setting time of the year! 

👉Specific – What exactly is your goal? 

“I want to start running” is not a goal. Instead, drill down: “I want to be able to run 2 miles nonstop in 2 months.”

👉Measurable – How will you track progress?

Use the right METRIC – these usually involve NUMBERS (like the example above).

👉Achievable – Is this goal something you can reasonably reach?

Going from non-runner to marathoner in 2 months isn’t safely achievable, but running 2 miles is.

👉Relevant – Why this goal? 

Is this for YOU, or are you trying to make someone else happy? Make sure your goals match YOUR life vision.

👉Time-bound – You’ve heard that old saying, “A goal without a deadline is just a dream,” right? Set a realistic deadline to make it real.  

Check your goals for 2022 …. are they all SMART goals? 

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