Eating Clean, Feeling Great

Can you believe it?  Summer is almost over!  Time sure flies! Fall is just around the corner. Do you know what that means?  Fall Detox time!!!  Since July, it has been so hot here…100-113 degrees. We had a couple wild fires near us…the biggest one being the Holy Fire, on the border of Orange and Riverside counties, that I didn’t feel like cooking anything.  So, we ate out a lot. So, now that it is finally cooler, it is time to get back on track.


Holy Fire Aug 2018

Photos of the Holy Fire

Holy Fire 2 Aug 2018


Why Clean Eating


When I first changed my lifestyle and began eating clean foods, those first few days of eating clean were like a total revolution to me! I couldn’t believe how good the food tasted, how satisfying it was, and how much better I started feeling, almost immediately. Within just a few weeks, I could already notice the difference in that bathroom mirror. My skin was looking less saggy, my eyes were brighter – oh, and that long, slow, shuffle, feeling worn out after a full night’s sleep? Nope, I was walking proud and feeling well rested.


So many people think eating clean is just a weight-loss program, but they don’t realize it’s so very much more than that. It’s a total lifestyle shift that not only helps you get your weight under control, but also does amazing things for your health.


  • Your immune system gets stronger.
  • Your gut starts functioning properly.
  • You start sleeping better and getting more efficient rest.
  • Your energy levels remain constant throughout the day.
  • Your hair, nails, skin, eyes all look and feel healthier.


I couldn’t believe how awesome I felt. Not too mention, my reflux was gone. It was such a total revolution for me that I couldn’t keep it to myself. I wanted to sing it from the rooftops and shout it to everyone I could find. But since that might get me locked up, I figured I’d do it the sane way, and create a three-week program that helps people discover, learn about and implement the clean eating lifestyle for themselves. And you know, it’s been working. I’ve helped my friends and family discover a whole new way to live, and they’re loving it!


My 21-Day Clean Eating/Reset Your Life Program starts in 16 days, Monday September 10 and I’d love for you to join me on an exciting, delicious and life-changing journey to discovering your health. Oh, and the best part? This is the first program of its kind that works for omnivores as well as vegans!


I’m so excited to share the benefits of clean eating with you, that I want you to give this incredible recipe a try – it’s delicious, nourishing and 100% healthy!


Marinated Cherry Tomato Salad with Salmon


Cherry Tomato Salad with Salmon

Serves 2

1 6-ounce can salmon, drained

1 pint cherry tomatoes

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 large lemon, juiced

1 clove garlic, chopped

1 teaspoon dried basil

1 teaspoon dried thyme

½ bunch parsley, finely chopped

Sea salt and black pepper to taste

1 head romaine lettuce, chopped


Add the salmon to a large mixing bowl. Mash with a fork. Slice cherry tomatoes in half and place them in the same bowl. Add olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, basil, thyme, parsley, sea salt and black pepper. Mix well, cover and let it marinate in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes (an hour or two is best). When ready to serve, pour the tomato mixture over the romaine lettuce and serve.

For more info, comment below and I will email you the information.


20 Ways Sugar Can Affect Your Health

This is my sugar story.

You probably know what it feels like to have a sugar crash?!

I’ve had my fair share of them.  When I used to work my 8 to 5 job, right around 3 pm I would almost fall asleep at my desk!  Not a good thing – I used to worry that one of our executive managers would walk into our suite and see me knodding off at my desk! It was difficult to stay awake while entering invoices and/or tenant checks into the computer.  So, what did I do to get my energy back?  Walk down five flights of stairs to the sundry store to buy either a snickers or KitKat bar!  That was my daily routine.  And when I look back, my diet wasn’t very healthy…it was loaded with carbs, dairy products, and meat!

Still to this day, I still love my sweets and it is my biggest weakness.  My solution now is to eat either a fruit or a healthy snack…no refined sugars.  Or to satisfy my sugar fix, I would eat some type of raw dessert.

Funny, I didn’t have a problem giving up dairy products and red meat. I didn’t eat a lot of sugar; meaning I didn’t typically eat items like cake, chocolate, candy, ice cream, etc, however, I loved white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and sometimes, I had a weakness for Nothing Bundt Cakes.

Because I’ve had acid reflux on and off, I noticed I was consuming too much sugar and was becoming inflammed.  I regularly checked my pH level to determine whether my body was too acidic.  Note: Eating sugar especially refined sugar causes inflammation and acid.

It is a good idea to do a sugar detox every season. This past Winter  I took part in a 21-Day Sugar Detox.  I did it…completed it, and I found that after I finished my detox, I did not want sugar.


20 Ways Sugar Can Affect Your Health

1. Sugar can suppress the immune system.
2. Sugar interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium.
3. Sugar can weaken eyesight.
4. Sugar can cause hypoglycemia.
5. Sugar can cause a rapid rise of adrenaline levels in children.
6. Sugar contributes to obesity.
7. Sugar can cause arthritis.
8. Sugar can cause heart disease and emphysema.
9. Sugar can contribute to osteoporosis
10. Sugar can increase cholesterol.
11. Sugar can lead to both prostate and ovarian cancers.
12. Sugar can contribute to diabetes.
13. Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease.
14 Sugar can make our skin age by changing the structure of collagen.
15. Sugar can produce a significant rise in triglycerides.
16. Sugar can increase the body’s fluid retention.
17. Sugar can cause headaches, including migraines.

18. Sugar can cause depression.
19. Sugar can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.
20. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine.




Spring Detox Time!


This Detox System was created to fit your unique Nature. This system is not another one-size-fits-all fad approach that disrupts the balance of your health.

This detox system was created to help balance your health by Dr. Kristine Jerome, an Ayurvedic practitioner who has over 20 years of Ayurvedic experience!

Learn how to apply an Ayurveda detox to remove toxins from your body, restore your digestive issues, and other health issues that you may be experiencing.

Spring is the perfect time to do a detox.

This detox program covers:

  • How to tell if you have an excess of Ama (digestive toxins)
  •  How to uncover the Dosha or Doshic combination that Ama is disrupting in you
  •  How to restore your digestive intelligence
  •  How to do a “Doshic Detox
  •  Not just foods, but Ayurvedic remedies to correct Doshic disturbances in the gut
  •  An in-depth look at healing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Click here for more info about the Ayurvedic detox.









Why a Sugar Detox is Beneficial


With the start of Spring and bikini season being around the corner, everyone is on the lookout for a fresh start. And what is better than a sugar detox to start it in the best way. It is highly recommended to take some time out for you to help you avoid any resentful and irritable feelings which ultimately lead to comfort food. So, think about yourself first and take out some time to look good and feel good to impact the people around you in a positive way. That’s why we have brought you some of the great benefits of the sugar detox to help you go ahead with it.

1.     Weight Loss

If you are planning to lose some weight then sugar detox is the best way to start with. It will provide you with the perfect kick start towards your weight loss goals and help you achieve them at a faster rate. So, start off with a sugar detox to get better outcomes with better energy.

2.     Elevated Energy

Another great benefit of the sugar detox is that your energy levels get elevated. This benefits helps you to work out twice as hard and longer for better results. Also, you become active and ready to move which helps in the overall weight loss goals as well as your health.

3.     Healthy Eating

Eating healthy food can help you in various ways and it is one of the greatest perks of a sugar detox. It can help you reduce weight and maintain a nice healthy lifestyle and eventually raise your energy level. So, include foods and vegetables in your diet and avoid eating junk food to the. This way, you will keep yourself safe from many diseases and make your immune system stronger as well.

4.     Avoid the Intake of Processed Foods

Minimizing the consumption of processed food is an essential step in sugar detox. Processed foods are linked to many health issues like heart diseases, obesity and diabetes. So, by avoiding these foods you indirectly avoid all these diseases which benefits you and your health in all the positive ways.

5.     Beneficial for whole Body Detox

Sugar detox triggers fat meltdown because the body is not receiving any sugar. So, a sugar detox is imperative to promote overall health of the body and liver detox is highly recommended for that matter.

6.     Avoid Cravings

Sugar is scientifically proven to be addictive in nature. By going on with a sugar detox, you will prepare yourself to avoid these unnecessary cravings in return you will be able to avoid weight gain as well as related diseases.

7.     Save Money

Avoiding sugar is a great way to save some money as well. For instance, if you go out to eat you can totally save your money for the dessert. Also, the ice cream and chocolate cravings that cost you a pretty penny can totally be avoided ad hence the money gets to be saved.

8.     Feel Satiated

Eating processed and sugary food makes you feel stuffed for some time. But as soon as a little time passes, you begin to feel hungry and craving for the processed food again. Starting on a sugar detox will help you to feel satiated for longer and hence aid you to avoid eating further which will be beneficial in more than one ways.

So, go ahead with a sugar detox to get the maximum out of all these benefits and enjoy a better health along with a renewed energy boost to enjoy the upcoming winters.


Why Taking an Epsom Salt Bath is Vital for Detox 

A detox bath with Epsom salt is one of the greatest healing therapies that can help to facilitate the natural detoxification system of the body. In this modern world, we are more subject to the toxins than ever through the food we eat, the air we breathe and even the medications we take. Toxins harm the body by irritating and destroying it. Detoxification is the way the body removes the harmful compounds naturally. However, we can also help out the body by a detox bath as it encourages flushing out of the toxins efficiently.

It is imperative to improve our body’s capacity to detoxify and dispose of the waste, while limiting our introduction to toxins. A detox bath is one of the best healing therapies that facilitates and enhance the natural detoxification process of our bodies. Let’s have a look at the various health benefits of the detox bath.

1.     Health Benefits of a Detox bath

A detox bath is usually made with Epsom salt which helps to draws out toxins, but has many health benefits that are listed below:

1.     Eases Stress

Stress has a very negative impact on the health of your mind body and soul. So just relax and avoid stress as much as possible and the detox bath is imperative for that matter.

2.     Improved Sleep and Concentration

It also eases the nerves promoting good sleep and helping you to concentrate better on things. Epsom salt has amazing healing and relaxing properties which lead to an improved sleep and concentration.

3.     Better Functioning of the Nervous System

It helps the nervous system to work in a better way by relaxing the nerves. The nervous system then commands all the organs in an improved way.

4.     Regulate enzyme activity

The bath also helps the body to regulate its detoxification system hence regulating the enzyme activity to help the body in various functions such as digestion and removal of the toxins effectively.

5.     Promotes production of insulin

It also promotes the production of insulin in the body to regulate its required levels in the body and hence help in an improved functioning of the body organs and functions.

6.     Flushes toxins

It aids the body in flushing out the toxins and helping it to get rid of them in an improved way for an amazing functioning of the body systems.

7.     Pain Relief for headaches, cramps and spasms

It also helps to relieve the pain from headaches, cramps and spasms by relaxing the body and the nerves.

How to Draw a Detox Bath

  1. Take 2 cups of Epsom salt and 5 drops of lavender essential oil to a full tub of water.
  2. The water should be hot as we need to create the perfect and nice sweat for some detoxification to take place.
  3. Add a cup of baking soda to neutralize the chemicals and enhance mineral absorption.
  4. Immerse your body in this water all the way up to the neck and soak it for a good 20 minutes while keeping your eyes shut and indulging in some breathing exercises.
  5. After soaking get out of the tub and take a cool shower without using any harsh soaps and shampoos to let the nutrients absorb in the body.
  6. Apply a natural moisturizer like body butter and avoid eating immediately.
  7. Drink some filtered water and rest to rejuvenate.

So, go ahead and indulge in a detox bath with the Epsom salt to relieve yourself from the toxins and pains.



Benefits of a Spring Detox

Spring brings new hopes and promotes the positive vibes. So, it is the best time to embark on a detox plan. In winter we feel too indulged in food and drinks and it seems nearly impossible to do a detox. But there is no such issue in spring as you are full of energy and the weather is also in your favor making the whole detox plan easier on you. You need to keep in mind that detox is not a permanent weight loss plan, it just provides a jump start towards the whole process. You would still have to plan for regular exercise and follow a healthy eating routine. Here are some reasons why you might need a detox and the benefits it will bring for you.

Spring detox

Why Spring Detox?

We are constantly exposed to the toxics in this modern world due to the air pollution as well as the foods we intake. Even our livestock is treated with drugs and the crops are sprayed with pesticides which pose serious threats to our health with their harmful side effects. So, it is a great idea to plan for a spring detox to get rid of all these toxins and provide a fresh start to your body for a stronger immune system and an improved blood circulation. But why spring? Well, spring represents renewal and refresh – it is the perfect season to detox your body and mind and elevate your life.


Benefits of Spring Detox

A spring detox has various benefits from an improved immune system to elevated energy as well as better circulation. The list of benefits continues, we can sit here for hours to be honest. But we won’t. Instead I’ve compiled a list of quick benefits a spring detox can have in your life. Check them out!

1.     Weight Loss

If you are planning to lose some weight then the spring detox is the best way to start with. It will provide you with the perfect kick start towards your weight loss goals and help you achieve them at a faster rate. So, start off this spring to get better outcomes with improved energy levels and a quick metabolism.

2.     Elevated Energy

Speaking of energy, yes! Detoxing can increase your energy levels. This helps you to work out twice as hard and longer for better results. The more active you are, the more you move, the more you lose weight and improve your overall health.

3.     Better Digestion

There is clinical evidence that detoxing also helps greatly with the digestion. As the toxicity might lead to various health issues such as bloating, nausea, furred tongue, constipation, gas, indigestion and a toxic liver. However, all these issues can be avoided by indulging in a spring detox.

4.     Improved Immune System

A spring detox is also beneficial in improving the immune system immensely. It helps to avoid colds and the flu, blemishes, cellulite, tiredness, fatigue and puffy eyes by improving the lymphatic system. It also helps to clear the sinuses by vanishing congestion and improving the lung function. It also resolves the urinary tract issues by increasing the urine output. In other words, it improves the immune system and doesn’t let the illnesses take over.

So, go ahead with and try a spring detox and see for yourself how much it benefits your overall health and wellbeing!