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My blog is all about what I am passionate about…helping others create a healthier and happier life. My passions are: eating whole foods; reading books whether it be about wellness/nutrition, personal development, or John Grisham or romance novels; living a green lifestyle (using beauty and household products that don’t contain harsh chemicals and using pure essential oils.)

Did you know that there are several products including women’s hygiene products that contain dioxin, chlorine bleach, synthetic fibers, fragrance – who knows what’s in that, and the biggy, Glyphosate – an active ingredient in weed killer. Why would you want these products touching your skin let alone inside of  your bodies?!   The guys who spray weed killers wear masks so this must say something?!

Wouldn’t you want to protect your lady parts?


I firmly believe in reducing EMFs – they are all around us (TVs, computers, ipads, cell phones, etc – by grounding or Earthing. I recommend adding in yoga and meditation to your lifestyle.

I love this quote by Gabby Bernstein: The Universe has your back!




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I have some questions for you?

Are you overwhelmed?

Do you say yes to doing things you don’t want or have time to do?

Do you have a difficult time with clarity or focus?

Do you have tension in your neck and shoulders?

Are you stressed?

Do you feel anxious or depressed?

Do you have digestive issues such as acid reflux?

Are you tired because you don’t sleep well?

Do you have low energy?

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It is time for you to take back your life!! And create a life you enjoy!




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