February Recipe of the Month

I love to start each day with a positive affirmation. This is your affirmation of the month. Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. -Rumi Soul Food Think for a moment of a food from your past, one that makes you feel great after you eat it for … Continue reading February Recipe of the Month

The Sudden Death of a Legend: Kobe Bryant

Last Sunday morning  I was working on my computer and saw an email come in from my local neighborhood app that asked if Kobe Bryant had died. I was thinking: "No, it can't be true. He is so young!" So, I asked my husband if he had heard anything. He said no. We both began … Continue reading The Sudden Death of a Legend: Kobe Bryant

Switch to Better, Safer Beauty

Hey there! Happy Monday! Happy Martin Luther King Day! Today, I'm sharing about better, safer beauty! First, there is no definition of “natural” or “organic” when it comes to makeup. Just because a product is labeled natural and/or organic, doesn’t mean that the skin care or cosmetic doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals. Natural is a buzz … Continue reading Switch to Better, Safer Beauty

Happy New Year 2020! And a new decade…

Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade! I like to a start off each day with drinking warm lemon water, meditating, doing yoga, and doing a mindset shift. And journaling. Here is January's affirmation: True life is lived when tiny changes occur. -Leo Tolstoy   New Year, New You A lot of people … Continue reading Happy New Year 2020! And a new decade…

15 Anti-Aging Health Benefits of Yoga

While age does affect you in various ways, there’s a lot you can do to limit its impact on your body. Yoga is an excellent anti-aging tool. It is capable of relieving symptoms and in some cases improve medical outcomes. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from or how old you are. Movement and yoga … Continue reading 15 Anti-Aging Health Benefits of Yoga

A Conversation with Gabby Bernstein

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition will be hosting a live conversation with IIN-visiting teacher Gabby Bernstein this Tuesday, October 29, at 11 am Pacific Time/2pm Eastern Time! Gabby Bernstein is one of my mentors and is the author of several NY Times best selling books such as Judgment Detox, May Cause Miracles, Spirit Junkie to … Continue reading A Conversation with Gabby Bernstein

Hemp vs Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

It seems like you see the letters CBD everywhere today. You almost forget that not long ago, CBD products weren’t legal in America. What makes CBD legal comes down to its plant source. Following the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and marijuana are classified as two different substances under the Control Substance Act. That’s because the … Continue reading Hemp vs Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

What to Buy in Whole Foods to Reduce Your Anxiety

While there is a ton of new studies that are starting to show that what you eat can have an effect on your anxiety, the real connection is between the food you eat and your brain. This means that when you eat certain foods, it has a calming effect on you that helps you to … Continue reading What to Buy in Whole Foods to Reduce Your Anxiety

Hemp Oil Uses: The Complete Guide

We live in a society that is constantly reaching for the next level of peak health and appearance, using only naturally effective methods.  No pressure, right?  Despite this never-ending climb, one little plant is paving the way for people to reach their health and wellness goals: hemp. Hemp oil is a nutty and flavorful oil … Continue reading Hemp Oil Uses: The Complete Guide