Clean Living

Clean Living or Green Living is about using non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products to clean your home and using skin care and dental care that don’t contain toxins.  After all, your skin is the largest organ on your body and it absorbs the chemicals you use.  With all the chemicals in in the air and in your products that’s absorbed, your liver goes into toxic overload. Have you heard the saying by David Wolfe to stay away from anything that contains pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc?

Did you know that there are several products including women’s hygiene products that contain dioxin, chlorine bleach, synthetic fibers, fragrance – who knows what’s in that, and the biggy – glyphosate – an active ingredient in weed killer. Why would we want to use these products on our skin let alone inside of our bodies?!   The guys who spray weed killers wear masks and heavy body gear so that must say something?!

Wouldn’t you want to protect your lady parts?

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For more information on ingredients in your products, visit Environmental Working Group

If you’re looking for companies with natural skin care and beauty products, visit these companies’ websites. They are on a mission to get safer beauty to every women and man!