What is in your personal care products?

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Do You Want Safer Beauty Products?!

Hello everyone!!

I just received this email from the Environmental Working Group:

“In my 12 years at EWG, our team has uncovered hundreds of questionable chemicals lurking in your cosmetics. From formaldehyde in hair treatments to endocrine disruptors in nail polish and even lead in lipstick, it seems the list of dangerous ingredients lurking in everyday products is a long one.

The truth is we’re able to find those toxic chemicals because they’re ALLOWED in our personal care products. Current laws do nothing to stop companies from using toxic ingredients linked to cancer, infertility and birth defects. In fact, the last time these laws were updated was during the Great Depression.

But we can change that – right now. Sens. Feinstein and Collins are preparing to reintroduce the Personal Care Products Safety Act. This bill would finally ensure that the ingredients used in our cosmetics are safe.

This bill is long overdue, but we have real momentum now for change. It’s time for Congress to do its job and take action to protect Americans from dangerous ingredients in our cosmetics.

Join EWG and urge your senators to support the Personal Care Products Safety Act!

Here’s the good news: Major companies like Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Revlon and Beautycounter – they ALL want this legislation. That gives it a much better chance of getting passed.

And we need it. The average woman uses about 12 products, with more than 150 different ingredients, every day. None of those ingredients is required by the FDA to go through safety testing before being used. The current law is so weak, the government is powerless to ban questionable ingredients, including those linked to cancer, reproductive harm or severe allergies.

In fact, the FDA can’t even recall products we know are dangerous!

At EWG we’ve spent more than a decade helping consumers find out what’s in their cosmetics and how it may be affecting their health. But it shouldn’t be this hard! Consumers ought to be able to trust that products on store shelves are safe.

The Personal Care Products Safety Act could fix that, but we need your help to get it across the finish line.”

Please contact your senators right now and ask them to stand up for your health! Urge your senators to support real cosmetics safety reform!