The 2023 Food Revolution is Starting Soon

Hi everyone!

The 2023 Food Revolution Summit is starting soon and now is the perfect time to ensure that you’re registered (it’s free) and are receiving all the updates:

>> Click here to secure your complimentary spot.

I recommend doing this even if you’ve registered already just to be safe and test that you’re indeed receiving the email updates by Ocean because you don’t want to miss a second!

Starting tomorrow, you’ll get to watch the first ever Food Revolution Docuseries. 

You’ll learn from 45 speakers including:

  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman
  • Brenda Davis
  • Dr. Michael Klaper
  • Dr. Neal Barnard
  • Dr. T. Colin Campbell
  • Rich Roll
  • Chef AJ
  • Dr. Brooke Goldner

and many many more.

And in just a few hours, on day 1, you’ll discover what happens when you give your body the right fuel – and what if you don’t.

More and more people are not only dying too soon, they’re living in chronic pain. Often for decades. Join John and Ocean as they search for the answers to understand: What‘s at stake here? What do the studies tell us? What actions do we need to take now?

>> Click here to check out the line up and secure your spot.

And if you can’t join the series, you can still grab any (or all) of these 5 e-books that accompany the series:

  1. Guide to Going Plant-Based Entry Point
  2. Brain Health Guidebook Entry Point
  3. Cancer Guidebook Entry Point
  4. Heart Health Guidebook Entry Point
  5. Immunity Guidebook Entry Point

The guidebooks contain links to the scientific studies and will help you implement the advice from the series in your own life. So, whether you’ll have the chance to watch the series or not, they’ll be a great resource to add to your library.

To your health,