9 Ways to Alleviate Acid Reflux Naturally

Since I was in my twenties I had stomach issues.  My physician who was treating me at the time, advised me that I have gastritis and that I need to learn how to handle my stress.  Easier said than done since I am a Type A personality and being Asian did not help…there was constant pressure to do well. After ex husband and I got divorced in the early 2000s, I was treated with several proton-pump inhibitors and found that none of them alleviated my acid reflux. I researched natural ways to alleviate it.

These are nine ways I found to help alleviate reflux.

1. Avoid spicy.
2. Avoid citrus foods.
3. Add alkaline foods into your diet.  Adding alkaline foods into your diet will balance the acid in your body.
4. Avoid eating three hours before bed.
5. Avoid wheat products.
6. Avoid dairy products.  Try switching to either almond milk or coconut milk.
7. Reduce/eliminate processed foods.
8. Avoid the “white” stuff ie potatoes, white rice, pasta, flour, sugar,and breads. Try replacing white potatoes with sweet potatoes or yams. Switch white pasta to whole grain, white rice with brown rice, and white bread to a whole grain bread such as Elzekiel bread.
9. Eliminate foods with refined sugars.

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Note:  Consult with your physician before you discontinue use of any medication.