Learn the lastest gluten free info…Spring Gluten-Free Expo

Have you been wanting to know more about living a gluten-free lifestyle? Here’s your chance! Register for the free online Spring Gluten Free Expo coming up in May. The expo is an excellent opportunity to ask the experts questions, attend the lectures, try new gluten-free products, and win some awesome door prizes! And of course, watching the cooking demonstrations!! See vendors like Enjoy Life, BFree, Lorraine’s Kitchen, and more.

I’ve been a blogger for the Nourished Festival aka Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo since 2018 and I love it!  I love meeting the exhibitors, learning the latest gluten free information, and sampling that most recent gluten free products! Yum!

Join us for the online Gluten Free Expo on Saturday, May 14th and Sunday, May 15th.

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Calling all snackers!!

Hey everyone! I just discovered these healthy snacks while attending the virtual Gluten Free Expo by Nourished Festival.

They are dehydrated, antioxidant-packed nut clusters. They are made with whole food ingredients, organic real fruits, nourishing nuts and seeds, and health-boosting superfoods!

Supernola is a company that believes you shouldn’t have to compromise health or flavor when it comes to snacking. Supernola is an awesome snack to have on hand for that busy morning, mid-afternoon craving, post-gym refuel, or weekend adventure!

You might think that with all that “free” there’d be nothing leff. But they’ve stripped the extras and additives to get straight to the source: the really good stuff. They believe everyone should be able to enjoy healthy and flavorful snacks, no matter what their dietary needs are.

These Supernola snacks ontains no artificial flavors, no chemicals and nothing refined and best of all, they contain nothing that you can’t pronounce. Healthy never tasted better! 🙌

By the way, they are super yummy. So, are you ready to try Supernola?! Use code SUPERFREESHIP at checkout.



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Win Goodies at the Online Gluten-Free Expo Tomorrow!

If you haven’t already, register for the Free Gluten-Free Expo. The expo is this weekend! I can’t wait! I look forward to their expos every year.

Join the expo and you’ll have an opportunity to win prizes, interact with exhibitors, and attend classes.

Their events are lots of fun and is an awesome opportunity to learn the latest in gluten-free news and health tips.

See you online!


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