Self Growth Tip of the Week: Setting goals that really matter!



🌟 Sometimes mastering a goal has less to do with the goal itself and more to do with how you’re approaching it. 

You already know what “SMART” goals are – but let’s refresh since this is the biggest goal-setting time of the year! 

👉Specific – What exactly is your goal? 

“I want to start running” is not a goal. Instead, drill down: “I want to be able to run 2 miles nonstop in 2 months.”

👉Measurable – How will you track progress?

Use the right METRIC – these usually involve NUMBERS (like the example above).

👉Achievable – Is this goal something you can reasonably reach?

Going from non-runner to marathoner in 2 months isn’t safely achievable, but running 2 miles is.

👉Relevant – Why this goal? 

Is this for YOU, or are you trying to make someone else happy? Make sure your goals match YOUR life vision.

👉Time-bound – You’ve heard that old saying, “A goal without a deadline is just a dream,” right? Set a realistic deadline to make it real.  

Check your goals for 2022 …. are they all SMART goals? 

Love and Light,


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Your Weekly Challenge is here!

Your Weekly Challenge is here.


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022. 

What amazing things are you going to accomplish?

You probably already guessed that this week’s challenge is about your goals.

Maybe you’re ready to run your first half-marathon … change up your eating habits … or work on reducing your stress. 

Or maybe something completely different that involves ticking some items off your bucket list.

🧠 I have a brainstorming exercise proven to help make them happen.

FIRST: Write down your TOP 3 GOALS for 2022 – the goals that you’re most excited about. 

🔗 Next, look for a CONNECTION that ties them all together. How do your goals relate to each other? 

Come up with ONE THING you can do to help make all of your goals a reality.  

💪This is called your PUSH GOAL! 

Let’s say these are your top 3 goals:

  • Fit into your goal jeans,
  • Learn to kayak,
  • Go on an adventure vacation 

Your PUSH goal could be completing three workouts a week …

Because that would help you to fit into those jeans, get stronger for your kayaking, AND boost your endurance for all of that walking on your trip. 

Or maybe your top 3 goals are to:

  • Work less,
  • Play more, and still
  • Save toward retirement

Your PUSH goal could be drilling down into your time management so that you can make the most of your work time … to create more free time! 

(This is a BIG ONE for a lot of people – being more intentional with how they use their time.)

⭐ Remember, your goals should be SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE so you have a real target and a way to keep tabs on your progress. 

🔥 This week I’m challenging you to set a PUSH GOAL for yourself. And a deadline to make it happen!

Are you in!? Let’s brainstorm below!  👇 👇👇

Love and Light,