Check out my eBook, Healthy Living Made Easy

Healthy Living Made Easy is a Handy, Practical, Five-Day Kick Start Guide and Journal to embark on Healthy Living for Life

This guide shows you how to add healthy whole foods into your lifestyle without giving up what you currently eat. This eBook includes a 21-day gratitude and food journal so you can track how you feel after you eat each meal and to write what you are grateful for each day. This eBook also includes chapters that highlight inflammation, anti-inflammatory diet, hemochromatosis (an iron disorder), the acid/alkaline connection, the top ten toxic cosmetic ingredients to avoid, and a section on the top indoor plants recommended by NASA to purify your home. This eBook shows you how to incorporate all aspects of your life (diet, exercise, relationships, career, spirituality, and self-care) to create a healthier, happier you!

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