Dr. Weil’s 5 Health Essentials

Dr. Weil believes food is the optimal medicine. He suggests eating an anti-inflammatory diet. More health practitioners are confirming that you are what you eat. Dr. Weil suggests that the Standard American Diet (SAD) promotes inflammation. The SAD gives the wrong kinds of fats, carbohydrates, and inflammation throughout the body. SAD is the root cause … Continue reading Dr. Weil’s 5 Health Essentials


7 Steps to Reducing Acid Reflux

How I alleviated my acid refluxMy JourneyFor years I’ve had digestive issues and I was on and off proton pump inhibitors.  It got to the point where the medication didn’t work.  You name the medication, I probably was prescribed it. I knew I had to make a change.I’ve always been interested in nutrition and enrolled … Continue reading 7 Steps to Reducing Acid Reflux