Why Journaling is Nourishing to Your Soul

The mind, body, and soul are one in the same. They work fluidly to equip you with the greatest tools you need to be successful, happy, and healthy. What happens when your soul is lacking nourishment? Your body and mind get dragged down, worn out, and weaken. It’s time to revamp your soul with a little journaling!

Journaling doesn’t have to be boring. Part of nourishing your mind and body is ensuring your soul is happy too. Here are a few ways to stay on track to nourishing your soul!

The first step to nourish your soul through journaling is to purchase a journal! Local bookstores will typically carry lined journals as well as unlined blank journals, which are perfect for sporadic thought-jotting entries! It’s all about preference. Choose what makes you happy!

Write in your journal for a minimum of 5 minutes per day. That’s it! Turn on the soft music, grab your journal and your favorite pen, and write what you feel.

Write the thoughts in your mind, project them onto the paper, and gain a perspective that you have been missing out on, a different view into your world. Escape your thoughts, good and bad, and know that your journal is your space, your nonjudgmental ear, and your sacred place. Journaling is soul-food! Feed your soul what it craves- happiness, clarity, nourishment, and peace!

After writing for 5-10 minutes, reflect on your journal entry, send the thoughts away, close your book, and put it up until the next day. Journaling is one of the most effective ways to let go of your problems, release your negative thoughts, and be at peace. Nourishing your soul and sending happiness to your mind will give your body the strength and health it needs to prosper.

What are you waiting for? Grab a journal, a ballpoint pen, and a glass of ice water and start journaling. Your soul will thank you later!



Journal Your Way to Healing Your Emotional Wounds

Breakups, passings, job loss, rough days, and general sadness- we’ve all experienced these heartaches and the emotional wounds they create. Journaling can help to heal the wounds that have surfaced due to these normal, yet unpredictable and sometimes difficult to handle situations.


It’s normal to want to avoid the things that upset us. It’s normal to want to do the  opposite of writing them down – hide them away. However, they stay in our subconscious minds until we can embrace and release the pain, which is where journaling comes into play.


Journaling is a way to clean up the dirt in our lives- to declutter and reflect. By writing down your emotions, you’re letting go of those deep rooted feelings and the pain you are feeling. By expressing your sadness, rather than letting it boil up inside, you’ve allowed yourself to heal and express yourself on paper. The gift of mental health is one of the most important things you can give yourself. By journaling, you are helping to resolve your inner struggles before they overpower your day-to-day life.


Purchase a blank journal. Journal for just 20 minutes per day. Every day may not be accompanied by sadness. It’s normal to feel sad only some days and happy other days. By committing to 20 minutes per day, you are giving yourself the freedom to express yourself after a hard day at work or the most wonderful day you have had this week. Either way, journaling through the happy and sad times will establish a routine that is difficult to break. Before you know it, you’ll be established in your journaling routine and writing with ease, releasing your emotions and cleansing your mind.


Clearing up negative emotions will help establish a life full of self-love rather than self-pity. By withdrawing the negative from your life and overcoming emotional wounds, you are brightening up your life, and bringing strength into everything you do.


Find solace in your writing, peace in your heart, and happiness in your life. Journaling is the simplest and most effective way to tidy up your life. Tune into your feelings and be honest in your writing. The only way to heal an emotional wound is to clean it out, disinfect, and let it heal. Give it a try! Grab your favorite pen, a journal and a quite spot. Just 20 minutes per day could make the difference of a lifetime of happiness.