Essential Oils Vs. Fragrance Oils

The other day I went to my local CVS to grab a few things and I came across the air freshener aisle.  I glanced at the essential oils.  Do you know that these essential oils are not essential oils?! They are fragrance oils. And these items come with a plugin diffuser!
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Have you noticed that there are more ads on TV for these products?  What is sad is; because essential oils are so popular, people are deceived by these so-called essential oils.
It is not surprising that fragrance oils are being promoted so much these days.  Fragrance oils are cheaper to produce than quality therapeutic essential oils. There are, of course, some things in common between fragrance oils and therapeutic oils – the primary one being that they both produce aromas! Note: pure essential oils like rose are more expensive because it takes lots of rose petals to produce a high quality oil!
However, there are some things about fragrance oils you should be aware of -especially since they are so popular. Here are some key points to consider when purchasing so-called “natural” essential oils and fragrance oils.
1.  They are made with synthetic/artificial ingredients. Read the label.
2. Natural oils can be called “natural” when they contain 10% pure essential oil.
3. Fragrance oils and synthetic essential oils may clog or confuse the receptor sites of cells.
4. Fragrance oils and synthetic essential oils may have a depressing effect on the immune system.
5. Fragrance oils and synthetic essential oils may lead to headaches and stuffiness especially if you have allergies.
6. Fragrance oils and synthetic essential oils may cause dizziness or other side effects.
In contrast, quality therapeutic essential oils usually are organic or 100% pure.. These essential oils may help support wellness.
There is a big difference between fragrance grade oils and therapeutic grade or pure essential oils. And this difference is worth pointing out since fragrance oils are being promoted so much these days. It’s easy to assume if something smells good or has “essential oils” in its name that it must be quality stuff. But this is often not the case. So, be aware of what you’re buying.
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Do you know what your body type is?




So, do you know what your body type (constitution) is? You may have heard about it from a friend who is a yoga instructor or from someone who studies Ayurveda.


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the science of life. It is a lifestyle-based guide for creating and maintaining health in your body, mind and spirit. It was created nearly 5,000 years ago and is practiced all over the world. While I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was able to learn from Dr. John Douillard about the Principles of Ayurveda.  In fact, Ayurveda and Yoga go hand-in-hand, which you probably know.

In Ayurveda, you discover your constitution – which is a combination of vata, pitta, and kapha.  Once you learn what your constitution or body type is, you can practice a lifestyle designed to balance those properties and bring harmony to your being.

Ayurveda is about creating health – prevention of disease rather than treating disease. It always looks at the body as a whole and at the connection between the mind and body when addressing health. To find out what your body’s constitution is, click the links below:




Ayurveda is a holistic and inspiring view of health care that teaches you to view your mind and body with respect. Learn more and make choices to bring about your best state of health!

In Health and Happiness,





Who do you know who is still eating the SAD diet?

A little about my story…


My family – my mother’s side has a history of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and digestive issues.  My father had hemochromatosis and he passed away from a brain aneursym.  All of my mom’s brothers, sister, and grandmother had open heart surgery.

I took after both sides of my parents as I first had digestive problems i.e. gastritis when I was in my twenties that later developed into acid reflux and I took several proton-pump inhibitors. I can’t even name them all. When I was prescribed Nexium, that is when I knew I had to do something!

When I attended a women’s networking meeting, I meet a women who was studying holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  I asked her what the difference was between the class she was taking and a “regular” nutrition class?  She mentioned that the program takes a holistic approach to nutrition.  When I got home, I researched IIN’s Health Coach Training Program and I knew right away that I wanted to register for their program.  I learned from some of the top physicians, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Andrew Weil to name a few – in the country and I learned from my mentors David Wolfe, Deepak Chopra, Geenan Roth, and others.


While I was in the program I learned over 100 dietary theories. So, this is what I did to reduce my acid reflux.

First, I did an elimination diet meaning I stopped eating meat and dairy products and eliminated all the “white stuff”  i.e. pasta, rice, and potatoes.  I drank smoothies each morning, switched from wheat bread to Elzekiel bread, switched from peanut butter to almond butter, completely eliminated every thing with high fructose corn syrup/GMOs….to put it simply, I ate a pretty clean diet.  Once my reflux subsided I gradually added foods back in.  My motto is to eat a 80/20 diet meaning eating 80% clean and 20% foods you may crave such as that bagel, french fries or coffee…as a treat!


My book, Healthy Living Made Easy shows you the steps to take towards feeling better i.e. having more energy, getting over your sugar cravings, etc.


If you or anyone you know is eating the SAD (Standard American Diet), please check out  my book on Amazon.


Remember this:  It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.  And it is about prevention!!!


To your health and happiness.


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Recap of the Longevity Now Conference

What an awesome weekend spending it with like-minded people! I just spent the weekend at David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference in Anaheim, California! This was my fifth or sixth time volunteering at one of David’s events and it was so much fun getting to participate behind the scenes and getting to mingle with staff and other volunteers, and getting an opportunity to speak with David and the other speakers! I just love Rebecca Gauthier – she is an outstanding emcee, not to mention, you will love her outfits!

David always has so much information to share.  Each time I attend, my mind is blown away. If you have been to one of his events, you know what I am talking about! There is so much information to absorb from him and the other speakers (Dr. Steven Gundry – Cardiologist and author of the Plant Paradox,  Lou Corona – Founder of PuraDyme, Dr. William Davis – author of Wheat Belly, Jim Kwik – Expert on Brain Performance, Jason Wrobel – Celebrity Chef, Nadine Artemis – one of my absolute favorites and founder of Living Libations, Danielle LaPorte -author of the Desire Map, John Gray – author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Raw Food Chef Raw Solla, Dr. Billy DeMoss – Chiropractor, Kyle Cease, and Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

You will leave his event with your head spinning in a good way – brain overload!


Some highlights from the conference.



stress relief tonic

David Wolfe – Five Secrets of Ageless Beauty

  1. Eat for Beauty
  2. Remove toxins
  3. Nourish cells
  4. Balance hormones
  5. Overcome Stress

Check out David’s new book, The Beauty Diet.


why are we sicker now

Dr Steven Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry – 7 Deadly Disrupters (7 Biggest Threats to Your Health)

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
  3. Acid Blockers
  4. Artificial sweeteners
  5. Hormone Disruptors
  6. Glycophoshates/GMOs
  7. Blue Light

Check out Dr. Gundry’s new book, The Plant Paradox.  Did you know that plant proteins contain lectins which are difficult to digest and can contribute to leaky gut?!




Lou Corona – The Four Principles to Health and Longevity

Cellular Communications is where we have optimal mind, body and spirit communication.

Cellular Environment is where we incorporate nature’s four elements (sun, air, water and earth.)

Cellular Nutrition is supplying every part of our body with essential building blocks for life.

Cellular Exercise – there are two kinds of exercise (external and non-cellular.)

Visit Lou’s website, for more information and story about his health struggles.

jim kwik

Jim Kwik – How to learn quickly.


There are three key points.

Motivation – What is your motivation?

Observation – paying attention

Mechanics – the tool and techniques you used.

Visit and for more information on how to improve your memory, speed read and to improve overall brain function.


nadine use

Nadine Artemis


danielle laporte

Danielle LaPorte


Raw Solla

Raw Solla


Kyle Cease

Kyle Cease


If you weren’t able to attend the Longevity Now Conference, David’s next event, the Women’s Wellness Conference is Friday, October 5 – Sunday, October 7th in Anaheim, California.


To your health and happiness!


5 Basics of Living an Overall Healthier Life

Do you feel like you’re not living the healthiest life possible? Are you struggling with balancing life’s tasks and your overall health? As basic as this sounds, everyone can benefit from a little alteration to their daily life routines. Read below for the 5 things you can do right now to live a healthier life!
1. Get enough sleep! The average adult requires between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Not getting adequate amounts of sleep daily can lead to fatigue, dizziness, heart disease, and fat retention.

2. Eat organic and hormone-free! Organic and hormone-free foods are not always available, but when they are, it’s in your best interest to purchase these instead. Nowadays, restaurants are offering organic and grass-fed beef options. Shop at your local health food store and dine in at local family owned businesses. U-Pick or Farm-to-Table businesses also offer locally grown organic produce and grass-fed meat! This also means, avoid greasy foods. Anything deep-fried is sure to wreak havoc on your body systems. The key is to eat clean!


3. Enjoy “you-time” at the beginning or end of every day. Decompressing after a long day at work is essential. Waking up in the morning 30 minutes earlier than usual for a sunrise meditation or yoga session is another great way to make time for yourself. Living an overall healthier life begins with your happiness and levels of stress. Dedicating just an hour or two to yourself every day is essential to promote lower stress levels and ensure your needs are being met!
4. Add more nuts to your diet. That’s right! Just make sure, as stated above, that you are choosing organic options. Head to your nearest health food store to purchase handfuls of nuts by the pound- many nuts such as almonds and cashews are available organically grown. The fewer chemicals you introduce into your body, the better your body will function in the short and long term.


5. Drink the minimum requirement of water daily! Cutting on hydration can be the culprit for a lot of health issues including the onset of early aging, dry skin, and fat retention. Dehydration can also cause strains on your liver and processing toxins out of your body. Aim for 2 liters of water (65 ounces) of water daily. Add sliced fresh strawberries and lemon to your water for a delicious and enjoyable treat.

Take these 5 basic steps to living a healthier life and brighten your mood! There’s no reason to wait, start today!