5 Tips To Get More Energy And Achieve Your Goals

Are you feeling stuck in the mud? Perhaps you’re having late afternoon fatigue and aren’t feeling motivated to go to the gym or cook a healthy dinner! If your goals are taking a hit and you’re losing motivation, look no further! Here are the top 5 tips to get you back on track and feeling more energetic to achieve your goals!

1. Make sure you wake up with enough time to get ready without rushing and eat a plentiful breakfast. How you start your day will determine the outcome for the remainder of your day. A rushed, exhausting morning will result in little-to-no energy in the afternoon. Wake up on the right side of the bed, as they say!

2. Sleep between 7 and 9 hours per night! Without adequate rest, your body goes into overdrive and your organs start to weaken, causing overall lethargy and exhaustion.

3. Stay hydrated. Ensure you are drinking 2 liters of water per day! Try fruit infused water to give traditional water a little splash of flavor!

4. Eat balanced, healthy and nutritiously packed meals throughout the day! By eating a balanced meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, your body is less likely to feel fatigued and lacking nutrients. Feed your body, don’t starve it! Before you leave your home, pack a small bag of blueberries,  strawberries, celery, or carrots, and hummus for a midday snack or some fresh squeezed lemon water for your afternoon walk! Remember, food is fuel!

5. Ditch the caffeine! It’s a quick fix and has no long-lasting results. By eliminating coffee, carbonated drinks, and “energy boosters” formulated with chemicals, your ability to extract the nutrients from the super foods you consume will amplify. Before you know it, you won’t need that midday energy soda! Check out this article on why you want to ditch soda!

Greater energy and motivation to achieve your goals is at your fingertips! Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be on your way to a happier, healthier, and more motivated you!

3 Secrets to Eliminate Emotional Eating

Emotional eating can get the best of us. We’ve all been there- it starts with the grapes, then the chips, and moments later, you’re immersed in your pantry scavenging for something greasy and emotionally fulfilling.

The problem is, these foods aren’t really fulfilling to our health. Binge-eating can be our temporary get-away, and multiple occurrences of emotional eating can lead to unnecessary and rapid weight gain. I’m here to share my top 3 tools to eliminate emotional eating!

1. It’s ok to feel many emotions, including sadness, happiness, stress, anger, and exhaustion. Learning to accept your emotions is the first step to combating emotional eating. Binge-eating is only a temporary fix to your emotions. By listening to your emotions and finding new strategies to satisfy your feelings, you can eliminate the desire to run to food during a rough patch in your life. When you’re feeling emotional head to the park with your dogs, sign up for a yoga/meditation class, or take up a new hobby. Satisfying your emotions on a deeper level will result in eliminating emotional eating altogether.

2. Only eat when you are hungry! This will take some level of self-control, but with a little dedication, this important step will completely eliminate emotional eating altogether! When you’re hungry, make sure to stop eating when you are satisfied, rather than stopping when you are over-satisfied. Make a post-it reminder on your pantry door and refrigerator if you struggle with remembering your goals. A reminder such as “Only eat when you are truly hungry” can really help to ensure you maintain positive eating habits! Rather than looking for food when you’re bored, call a friend or read a good book. This brings us to our next tool to eliminate emotional eating!

3. Keep your calendar full and ensure you schedule at least an hour a day after work to decompress and enjoy time to yourself for relaxation and your hobbies. Maintaining your relationship with friends will also keep you busy, and provide you with an outlet to seek advice or a simple listening ear. Staying busy and taking care of yourself will ensure that instead of spending your time being bored, you are stimulating your mind and soul with things that are emotionally appealing! Join a new gym, sign up for classes at your local yoga studio, learn a new hobby, paint abstract works of art on canvas, or go for a run! Journaling is another great tool to get your emotions out on paper rather than in the pantry! Find your deep rooted fix to combat the emotions you are feeling, eliminate binge eating and unhealthy weight gain, and feel better all-around!

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How To Eliminate Distractions From Your Life

Life is full of distractions! Between our cell phones, computers, tablets, television, social activities with friends, and shopping centers, it’s easy to become distracted and lose focus of your mission and goal at hand. Follow these steps to eliminate distractions during periods of focus.

1. Set an allotted amount of time each day to dedicate to your health, wellness, and goals. Ensure you complete your tasks for the day before engaging with social media, outings with friends, or finishing the last season of your favorite show. By having a specific time each day to finish important tasks, you are establishing a routine and maintaining your level of commitment; therefore, keeping you focused.

2. If your cell phone is a major distraction at home and in the workplace, place your phone on airplane mode during these times. Give your family members a work number to contact you in the case of emergencies. By shutting down the notifications and conversations at specific moments of the day, you

3. Find a quiet place at home to study or work on your business. Close the door, turn on some light music, and make sure to have plenty of lighting. Dim lighting can create irritability and tiredness. If you’re finding that you are feeling tired, drink a glass of ice cold lemon water and evaluate how you’re feeling. If you’re still exhausted, it might be time to put your tasks to the side and get some rest.

Distractions can get the best of us. By learning to combat and refocus your energy on the tasks for the day, you’ve committed to eliminating the distractions from your life! After you’ve completed your tasks for the day, you’re in the clear to relax, participate in yoga, meditate or binge watch your favorite show!

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