Roadblocks to Believing In Yourself

Believing in yourself is often touted as the cause of success. But if you have low self-esteem, it’s not easy to believe in yourself. You may struggle to step outside of your comfort zone and look for a way to make your life better. You may believe that you don’t have the means to better yourself or that you don’t deserve a better life. 

You can change your life and it starts with believing in yourself. But first you have to identify what’s holding you back. Here are three common self-esteem killers that can keep you from living out your true potential.


Do you look around and feel like everyone else has a handle on life but you? This is a common feeling, especially in our digital age. Maybe you have a friend on Pinterest who always seems to have a clean house. But you don’t see what her house looks like when the kids have the flu and there hasn’t been time to do any laundry. 

Seeing your friend’s good days can leave you feeling like you’re a failure because your house doesn’t look clean all the time like your friend’s house is. When you’re on social media, you’re constantly exposed to the best side of someone’s life. You rarely see the ugly parts, too. It’s important to remember this when you’re scrolling through your news feed. 

Past Situations

The past often shapes us and affects us far more than we realize. Negative situations in your past can make it hard for you to believe in yourself. Maybe you were in a toxic relationship with a partner who verbally abused you. Maybe you grew up with an alcoholic parent or maybe you were bullied in middle school.

Your past can be the biggest threat to your present if you don’t take action. It can take a toll on your self-esteem and crush your sense of confidence. If you’ve been in a bad situation in the past, you’ll need to re-train your thought process. You may need the help of a therapist or life coach to help you deal with painful situations from your past that are keeping you stuck.

Current Relationships

Are there current relationships with a dynamic that keeps you questioning yourself? Sometimes, other people can undermine your sense of self-esteem. They may do it subtly by making unkind remarks and dismissing these remarks as jokes. They may discourage you from taking action on a project you were really excited about. They may tell you that you’re not good enough to reach your goals.

Few things are more painful than a friend or loved one that is unkind and unsupportive. If possible, try to have a conversation with this person about their behavior. In a healthy relationship, there’s room on both sides for honesty. 

But if your loved one or friend still won’t be supportive, you should consider limiting how often you interact with them. If you do have to be around this person for some reason, try to have a nurturing activity planned for yourself later after your interaction. 

Just like you can switch your iPod to a different song, you can change your thoughts about yourself from negative to positive. It takes a lot of work and it doesn’t happen immediately. But as you begin to focus on your positive qualities, you’ll experience a boost in your self-esteem and find it easier to believe in yourself.

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How to Reduce Stress and Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Stress is one of the biggest health issues that many people face today. Few people spend enough time sleeping each night due to work obligations and other factors. As a result, many people have to rely on caffeine in order to stay awake and energized.

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Stress can play a negative role in a person’s health over a long period of time. There are numerous studies that show people with high levels of stress tend to live shorter lives than people who are relaxed. The good news is that there are many ways to reduce stress and live a healthy lifestyle.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. There are few people who feel like they get enough sleep each night. Some people like to stay awake to watch television or to surf the internet. This is the wrong approach to take to optimize sleep. Instead, going to bed at the same time each night will train the body to fall asleep faster.

In addition, looking at electronic devices before bed causes numerous issues within the body. This is a signal to the body to stay awake for longer periods of time. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to sleep in a completely dark room. People who prioritize sleep have more energy throughout the day. 


Another great way to reduce stress is to exercise each day. Finding the time to exercise is hard for many people. In addition, few people live close enough to a gym to go each day. It is a good idea to invest in some home equipment in order to exercise more frequently. There are numerous people who notice a massive change in their overall health after starting an exercise program. A proper exercise program should include both resistance and cardiovascular training. 

Exercise will also help reduce body fat levels throughout the body. High levels of body fat have been associated with higher stress levels. By starting an exercise program, a person can drastically improve their overall health.


There are millions of people who eat simply because they are stressed. In a state of high stress, it is much more tempting to eat food options that are high in fat and sugar. A healthy diet should consist of natural food options. The vast majority of people are so busy that they only eat processed food. This type of food does not have the nutrients that the body needs. By changing certain lifestyle habits, a person can drastically reduce stress levels and improve their health.

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The First Steps to Improving Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is how you view yourself. It’s the lens you look through when you consider who you are. If you have low self-esteem, you may view yourself in a negative way. Instead of thinking about how you have the gift for communication, you see yourself as someone who just can’t shut up. 

When you have low self-esteem, it’s easy to fixate on your flaws. But you don’t have to let low self-esteem destroy your confidence. There are simple steps you can take to start building up your self-esteem today. 

Stop living in the past.

People with low self-esteem often hold on to their old mistakes. They replay them in their minds again and again, wishing they could do things differently. But the problem is that you can’t change the past. 

The first step toward increasing your self-esteem is to forgive yourself and let go of mistakes. One way you could do this is by journaling about your mistake and destroying the pages when you’re finished. Any time you’re tempted to relive your mistakes, remind yourself that those pages of your life are gone and that today’s a new day.

Pursue work that you enjoy.

Low self-esteem can take a toll on your ambitions. You may be stuck at a job you hate because you worry that another employer won’t want you or that you have nothing valuable to bring to another employer. 

Building up your self-esteem can help you find work that you’ll enjoy. Start by looking at your current job. What do you enjoy? What areas do you shine in? Try asking your boss these questions or look at your old job reviews for answers. 

If you’re in a job you hate and you can’t change it, do things you enjoy in your free time. Pick up an old hobby or look for a new one. This is a simple way to discover talents and abilities that you didn’t know you had. 

Finish a project you really care about.

Focus on what you’re naturally drawn to. Maybe you’re crafty and can knit blankets. Maybe you love creating new recipes in your kitchen. When you focus on finishing projects you enjoy, your self-esteem will slowly increase. You’ll start to feel better about yourself and have the energy to do even more of the things you love.

When it comes to building up your self-esteem, understand that it’s a gradual process. Concentrate on taking small steps toward your goals and be kind to yourself when you make a mistake.  

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