I was nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award

How cool is it to be nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award! I was so surprised that I was nominated.  Much gratitude to michelleonyourside to nominate me. As I read the nomination I realized how much time and effort was put into it. I really appreciate the time michelleonyourside puts into her blog. If you have a few … Continue reading I was nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award

Protein Powders: Which one is for you?

I am going through some articles I wrote and posted on one of my other blogs back in 2011 and I came across this one about protein powders. Since one of my health goals is to gain weight and increase muscle mass, I have been researching protein powders.  While it is recommended that we receive our protein from … Continue reading Protein Powders: Which one is for you?

Pure Burger Review

Everyone loves burgers!  Have you tried this tasty, healthy alternative?  If not, you need to swing by the Pure Burger in Carlsbad, California. Pure Burger's ingredients are pure, organic, and fresh. Choose from grass fed beef, chicken, veggie/cheese burger, or vegan burger.  Add your own toppings i.e. lettuce, tomato,  pickle, onion, avocado, etc.  Top your burger off with a sauce.  I … Continue reading Pure Burger Review