Client Raves

I was struggling to get back on the “healthy eating and control of my weight train” after a year of challenges; mourning the loss of my mother and the uncertainty of living in a COVID environment.  I reached out to Shaline and through her coaching and meal suggestions, she helped me replace/modify my food and exercise behaviors.  I now have a consistent exercise program and have rediscovered my love of cooking.  When I go out, I am making the “best” selection of food available at that moment but more importantly as Shaline taught me, it’s about listening to myself and giving my body the thing it  is craving at that moment.
Sharon K, Wayne, NJ  January, 2022.

Shaline Miller became my Health Coach for about 1-1/2 months (in April/May 2020) as a result of my doctor prescribing a strong dosage of medication to prevent recurrence of melanoma cancer. Since I was only 100 lbs (age 81), I gradually became extremely ill and weak. With many side effects such as projectile vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, dizziness, etc., I was so weak I could barely walk (needed a walker). I also lost part of my memory, vision, and hearing.

I stopped taking the cancer medication after 2 months and had to call 911 because I was about to pass out. I was nauseated, dehydrated, dizzy, and developed arrhythmia (irregular heart beat).

As my Health Coach, Shaline first determined specific food requirements for me based on my blood test results at that time. A few examples:

o   Being pre-diabetic with high LDL cholestrol, Shaline suggested morning meals eating oatmeal and adding cinnamon to help stabilize blood sugar.

o   Being anemic, Red Blood Count (RBC) was low. Shaline suggested eating a specific cereal with high iron content to help raise the RBC. Also suggested drinking plenty of water and eating various high protein foods to help get rid of dizziness and to help regain body strength.

o   The cancer medication affected my liver and kidney.  Shaline suggested foods that could help cleanse or detox the liver and/or kidney.

In addition to a healthy diet, Shaline suggested making some lifestyle changes by meditating, doing yoga exercises, and other options to reduce stress, get more sleep, and improve overall body wellness.

With Shaline’s guidance, my blood test results returned to normal by July 2020. By making healthier food choices (including healthier snacks) to benefit my diet and also my immune system, I have regained body strength and feel much better. I now meditate, listen to soothing music, and do yoga exercises and exercises designed for Seniors. (Did not require a walker after about 4 weeks of exercising. I am again taking the same cancer medication,  but at the lowest dosage possible, without much side effects.)

I highly recommend Shaline Miller as a Health Coach for anyone needing guidance in making healthy food choices and/or in healthy lifestyle methods. Shaline’s knowledge in both dietary theories and lifestyle guidance, and her patience and commitment to one’s health, are qualities of an excellent Health Coach. I am forever grateful to Shaline on how she has improved my overall health and well-being in such a short time.

P. Yim, January 2021

I met Shaline Miller on line about 8 years ago. I was in a rough time of my life emotionally and physically. I just found out I was diabetic. I was very overweight and I had high blood pressure. I was still recovering from fracturing my back in 2009.

Living with depression over my family life, finances, and bad health, I finally decided it was my time to pick myself up and feel better.  I could of not met Shaline in a better time of my life. Shaline offered to help me and talked to me once a week about my diet and lifestyle. That human communication from talking on the phone helped me so much. Shaline knows her nutrition and healthy lifestyle methods. Shaline shared with me and helped me start the road to recovery.
I am still a work in progress I lost some weight and my blood pressure been normal. My cholesterol is normal.  I am still working on my sugar levels. Now and then if I need someone to talk to about nutrition, I contact Shaline.  You are not just a client with Shaline; she knows your issues and calls you by name.
With Shaline’s help and encouragement, I have gone on and started studying natural healing and nutrition.
I recommend Shaline to anyone who needs nutrition or lifestyle guidance. Shaline is one of the best!
J. Nowakowski, Natural Healing Consultant

I recommend Shaline Miller as a Health coach to any one who has a need to have someone who needs personal, one-on-one support and guidance, especially health-wise and nutrition-wise.  I have had bad health for quite a long time in my life and it was hard for me to navigate all the medications I have to take daily.  I have to make wise choices on what I can and cannot eat.  I am in the process of starting dialysis as my kidneys are not functioning well.  With the tips that come from Ms. Miller I am able to eat healthier and I will know what not to eat when I take certain medications.  She has a book entitled “Healthy Living Made Easy” which I refer to often.

Ms. Miller goes to many conferences and updates her knowledge in this area of healthy living.  I highly recommend her.

F. Yip

Since working with Shaline, I noticed several positive changes to my lifestyle.  With Shaline’s coaching, I achieved my health goals. These are some of the positive changes I have made:  substituted coffee for tea, added in vegetables smoothies daily, increased fish consumption, more home cooking, and no longer eat beef.  With Shaline’s suggestions, I added pea or hemp protein into my smoothies instead of dairy protein and I noticed that I felt better. I also added super foods such as cacao powder, marine phytoplankton, spirulina, maca powder which gave me more energy.  One of my major achievements was eliminating process sugar. I drink more water. I incorporated Shaline’s suggestions and recipes to my meals. Overall, I found that when Shaline shared what she does herself gave me confidence.

T. Moeller

Healthy Living Made Easy Book Raves

This book is great information for anyone looking for suggestions on getting healthy. It is brief and concise but you will get the information you need.

K. Tippit

I enjoyed reading the book “Healthy Living Made Easy”.  The material was easy reading and formatted very well.  I liked the tips given and the Home remedies for example for Acid Reflux.  Overall the book gave a lot of good valuable information I can use on a daily basis and something I can refer to often to stay healthy and happy.

F. Yip

Love this book. It has helped simplify my life and take better care of my health. It also has a lot of helpful information and tips.
Farshid H

Great book full of informative information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Nick K.

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