Since working with Shaline, I noticed several positive changes to my lifestyle.  With Shaline’s coaching, I achieved my health goals. These are some of the positive changes I have made:  substituted coffee for tea, added in vegetables smoothies daily, increased fish consumption, more home cooking, and no longer eat beef.  With Shaline’s suggestions, I added pea or hemp protein into my smoothies instead of dairy protein and I noticed that I felt better. I also added super foods such as cacao powder, marine phytoplankton, spirulina, maca powder which gave me more energy.  One of my major achievements was eliminating process sugar. I drink more water. I incorporated Shaline’s suggestions and recipes to my meals. Overall, I found that when Shaline shared what she does herself gave me confidence. –  T. Moeller

 Book Raves

This book is great information for anyone looking for suggestions on getting healthy. It is brief and concise but you will get the information you need. – K. Tippit

I enjoyed reading the book “Healthy Living Made Easy”.  The material was easy reading and formatted very well.  I liked the tips given and the Home remedies for example for Acid Reflux.  Overall the book gave a lot of good valuable information I can use on a daily basis and something I can refer to often to stay healthy and happy.  – F. Yip


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