Sew Grown Essential Oil Bags

I’ve been using essential oils for the past six years and I could not be happier about that decision. I have been using my oils everyday and have been slowly eliminating toxins from our life. I am constantly searching for products that I can use with my essential oils.

I came upon a product that goes perfectly! I found Sew Grown as I was searching Instagram.  I knew after I saw the bags on their website, I had to get one in my hands!  I just received my essential oil bags today and I am so excited to use them with my oils.  I am very impressed!  The essential oil bags arrived in a drawstring bag along with their Sew Grown card.  The quality is amazing! You can tell that great detail was taken to make sure the quality was top-notch. The clasp is nice, strong and all the sewing is perfect! The fabric feels amazing, and the bag is padded to protect your bottles. And there is a story behind every detail in each Sew Grown product.  Each fabric has a meaning and best of all, the wooden tags work as diffusers for essential oils!


Sew Grown offers a purse with oil straps, essential oil carrying cases, crossbody purses, and diffusing bracelets.


The amazing thing about these essential oil bags is that they are handmade in the USA by people with disabilities through the STEPS program. STEPS employs American’s with disabilities and people in poverty who are working the steps to independence.  These are people learning new skills and working to live empowered lives. When you purchase a Sew Grown product you help to employ the many hands working towards a life of independence.  How perfect is that! Not only do you get beautiful products but your purchase makes an actual difference.


When you purchase a bag, you also share with the world a different way of life. Please visit their website here and enter code 20OFFNOW_sm to receive 20% off your first purchase.






8 thoughts on “Sew Grown Essential Oil Bags

  1. Those are beautiful bags! What a pretty way to keep those little bottles organized too. Mine are scattered around the house in bins and baskets. Your idea is much nicer.

  2. This is such a nifty idea. I’m looking into getting some EO to make homemade cleaning supplies – I love the idea of storing them in a cute little purse like this.

  3. These are so beautiful! Mine are just shoved into the bottom of my wardrobe…. Could do with a nicer place to store them (and keep them un-smashed!)

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