9 Ways Essential Oils Can Be Used For Radiant Hair And Skin

Essential oils possess great strength to improve our skin and hair growth. It contains plant extracts. It is a natural medicine given by to us by the earth. Proper research should be done before using any essential oil on your skin or hair. Oil should be first diluted to 1-3% for skin use. There are some essential oils mentioned below which enhance our beauty.

1. Rose Essential Oil: It is used to calm and moderate your skin. It is suitable for all skin types. It is the major element added in skin facials. It provides a strong base to the roots of hairs and prevents hair loss.

2. Geranium Essential Oil: It is less expensive and can be used as a substitute of rose essential oil. It balances skin tones, removes wrinkles and used in facial techniques. It is used for skin tightening. It balances the amount of oil in our scalp, and our hairs look healthy and smooth.

3. Neroli Essential Oil: It is responsible for flourishing our skin and helps to equalize skin’s dampness. It is made up of orange flowers which give a charming and blooming fragrance. It enhances the flexibility of skin. It increases production of new cells in the skin. It fades away all spots created by acne.

4. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil: It is used to eliminate reddish on our skin, soothe itching. It also protects us from sunburns, keeps our skin young, smooth and fresh. It is a natural conditioner as well as anti-dandruff means for hair which not only bring shining but also moisturizes our hair.

5. Yarrow Essential Oil: It is used for oily skin and hair and takes off burn skin. It brings contractions in blood vessels tissues, cells, and muscles. It protects our skin from dryness, dark marks on our face and helps skin wounds. It also reduces hair fall and nourishes hair growth.

6. Helichrysum Essential Oil: It is a remedy for skin eruptions due to its antimicrobic and antimycotic features. It helps in removing marks and blemishes. It is suitable for aged skin and helps to regenerate the skin.

7. Niaouli Essential Oil: It is an alternative to tea tree essential oil. It is anti-bacterial. It affects our brain and health. It reduces pimples, spots, scars on the skin. It can be used  as a good toner.

8. Peppermint Essential Oil: It is used as a Vaseline on lips. It acts as a stimulator, help muscles of hand, legs, and feet. Babies are not recommended to use it. It is durable. It hydrates burned skin and recovers sunburns. It is a tonic to activate the scalp and helps to remove flakes and lice from the hair. It also thickens and provides energy to damaged hair.

9. Rosemary Essential Oil: It is not widely used for the skin as it is used for hair treatment. It also gives a glowing effect to the skin. It increases our hair development. Its use is beneficial for hair growth and scalp. It is a solution to dandruff and decreases hair fall. It also relieves a person’s redness and swelling on skin or hair.

If you are ready to take charge of your health, schedule a complimentary Fresh Start Health Session with me to learn how to look younger and have brighter looking hair, learn how to use essential oils, and how you can receive some essential oil samples.

To your health and happiness,


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